Space Policy: on Civil, Commercial, and Military Space Programs


The Space Policy Professional Development Course provides a comprehensive analysis of space policy trends and developments encompassing the United States civil, commercial, and military space programs. This three-day (21 hour) course is based on lectures, discussions, and the use of a book by Eligar Sadeh, Space Politics and Policy: An Evolutionary Perspective, as well as additional articles and publications that deal with space policy. The course examines the processes of space policy at several levels of analysis including agenda setting, formulation, implementation, and policy outcomes. Agenda setting concerns the historical context of the space age, the rationales used to justify space programs, and the advocates of those programs. Formulation focuses on the political actors and institutions, and the role they play in establishing space policy. Implementation deals with the administration and management of space programs. The policy outcomes addressed in this course are as follows: space and the environment; international space law; space commerce; international space cooperation; and military space policy.

Course Outline:

  1. Setting the Agenda for Space Policy
    • Historical Dimensions of the Space Age
    • Rationales of the Space Program
    • Space Advocacy Coalitions and Space Policy
  2. Formulation of Space Policy
    • Presidents and Space Policy
    • Congress and Space Policy
  3. Implementation of Space Policy
    • Bureaucracy and the Space Program
    • Management of the Space Program
  4. Space Policy Outcomes
    • Space and the Environment dealing with Earth observation data policies
    • Space Law in regard to the Outer Space Treaty Regime and Principles of International Space Law
    • Space economics focused on the role that the government plays in fostering space commerce
    • International Space Cooperation pertaining to the dynamics of government-to-government cooperation and the multinational characteristics of commercial space cooperation
    • Military space policy, doctrines, and mission areas


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