SharePoint 2013 Boot Camp


This four-day class is one-of-a-kind for the SharePoint User community which makes up about 95% of the SharePoint roles being played across corporations worldwide. The last part of the class is a review before the student will take a wrap-up assessment test to measure that the topics covered in class are cemented in knowledge and that the student is able to hit the ground running as soon as they return to work. The assessment is a 60 question true/false and multiple choice quiz. The students will walk away from class with an industry recognizable SharePoint User Certification for basic and advanced SharePoint 2013 knowledge. This Certificate not only proves that the student has the skills needed to be a SharePoint Power User, but also is a certification that will be sure to enhance the professional resume. This course can also be targeted to SharePoint 2010 for enterprises that use the legacy software.

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction to SharePoint 2013
    • The Five Pillars of SharePoint:
      What SharePoint can do for you
  2. SharePoint Governance
    • Considerations for building the Governance model
    • What needs to be on the Checklist
    • Assembling the Governance Team
    • Principles and Policies to be addressed
    • Maintaining and supporting your SharePoint Governance
  3. Deployment and Adoption
    • SharePoint Roles
    • Helping teams realize the value of SharePoint
    • Starting Small and Growing
    • Best practices to drive User Adoption
    • Tools to help you
  4. What’s New in SharePoint 2013 to drive Team Collaboration and facilitate information management
    • User Interface (UI)
    • Social Features
    • Communities
    • Sharing info and offline availability
    • Interacting with Lists and Libraries
  5. Versions and Hosting Options
    • Foundation, Standard and Enterprise
    • On Premises vs Cloud
    • Offered Feature Comparison Chart
  6. SharePoint Architecture for Users
    • Web Application
    • Site Collection and Site Components
  7. Navigating SharePoint Sites
    • Tour of a Project Site
    • Site Components
  8. Working with Sites
    • Why do we create new Sites?
    • Site Components revisited
    • Site Templates explained
    • Site Settings and Features
    • Creating Sites
  9. SharePoint Lists
    • Manage business processes with lists
    • Creating Apps using List templates
    • Exploring the List toolbars
    • Reporting functions: sort and filter
    • Working with the Tasks List App
    • Working with Views
    • Architecting a “Class Roster”
  10. SharePoint Libraries
    • Manage document information lifecycle
    • Creating apps using library templates
    • Exploring the Library toolbars
    • Using Check In/Check Out
    • Basic functions: sort and filter
    • Using Version Control
  11. Access Control: Permissions Management
    • Permission Levels
    • Roles-based Management
    • Where Permissions are set
    • Using “Sharing” to share information
    • Access Requests
  12. Enterprise Content Management
    • Importance of ECM
    • Content Types
    • Managed Metadata
    • Document Sets
  13. Office Integration with SharePoint
    • Connecting and Syncing Lists and Libraries to Outlook
    • Project Pro Integration
    • Exporting data to Excel
    • Site Mailboxes
  14. Business Process Automation using Workflow
    • OOTB Workflow
    • Workflow Settings
    • Workflow administration
    • Custom using SharePoint Designer
  15. Tools to drive engagement
    • Surveys
    • Wiki
    • Blog
    • Newsfeed
    • About Me
    • Communities
  16. Site to drive collaboration
    • Pages
    • Web parts
    • Page Design
  17. Introduction to Business Intelligence
    • Using Web Parts
    • Excel Services
    • Visio Services
  18. Practical Exercise
    • Design a Site from business requirements detailing a real-world problem
  19. Q&A – Prep for the Assessment
  20. Assessment, Survey, and Certificate


This course is not on the current schedule of open enrollment courses. If you are interested in attending this or another course as open enrollment, please contact us at (410)956-8805 or at and indicate the course name and number of students who wish to participate. ATI typically schedules courses with a lead time of 3-5 months. Group courses can be presented at your facility. For on-site pricing, request an on-site quote. You may also call us at (410)956-8805 or email us at

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