Structural Design and Analysis for Aerospace Engineers – Virtual Webinar Live

Start Dates:

Start Date 1: 12/08/2020 8:00 am


Location Course 1: Virtual Webinar Live

Course Length:



$2200 per person


This new three-day course is a companion course to Instar’s flagship course, “Space Mission Structures: From Concept to Launch” (SMS).  SMS gives the big picture of spaceflight structures development, while SDA goes into much more detail on design and analysis of aerospace structures and is not specific to spacecraft; most of the course applies to aircraft as well. Although we recommend people start with SMS and follow with SDA, SMS is not a prerequisite.
Subjects include statics and mechanics of materials (with emphasis on practical applications), strength and fatigue analysis (with emphasis on empirical and semi-empirical methods rather than on sole reliance on finite element analysis), and structural design (philosophy, material selection, types of structures and their considerations, methods of attachment, and guidelines).

Participants should be prepared to work class problems.

Attendees will receive the course book (electronic file for virtual courses) containing all presentation materials.

Prior acquisition of the instructor’s 850-page reference book, Spacecraft Structures and Mechanisms: From Concept to Launch [1995], is recommended but not required.   Note:  This book is provided as part of the Space Mission Structures course.

Who should attend:

Structural and mechanical design engineers, stress analysts, and others interested in the topic


  • Tom Sarafin is President, Chief Engineer, and founder of Instar Engineering and Consulting, Inc. He has worked full time in the space industry since 1979 as a structural engineer, a mechanical systems engineer, a project manager, and a consultant. Since founding Instar in 1993, he’s consulted for NASA, DARPA, the DOD Space Test Program, Lockheed Martin, DigitalGlobe, Space Systems/Loral, Spaceflight Industries, and other organizations. He was a key member of the team that developed NASA-STD-5020, “Requirements for Threaded Fastening Systems in Spaceflight Hardware” (March 2012). He is the editor and principal author of Spacecraft Structures and Mechanisms: From Concept to Launch and is a contributing author to Space Mission Analysis and Design. He’s also the principal author of a series of papers titled “Vibration Testing of Small Satellites.” Since 1995, he has taught over 250 courses to more than 5000 engineers and managers in the aerospace industry.

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