Offensive Methodology & Analysis (OMA)

Course Length:



$7500 per person


This two-week OMA course teaches the essentials of remote network exploitation by demonstrating offensive methodologies in a coherent framework. You will receive an in-depth look at the essentials of remote network exploitation, from scanning and enumeration of a network space down to performing client-side attacks, which are quickly becoming the most reliable vector into target networks.

In this class, you will use real exploits against simulated targets. For example, you will perform spear-phishing attacks against email addresses found in your scenario. Our remote target computers will check their email and open your exploit attachments and links. All exploits are performed in a realistic network with routing, public IP addresses and domain names. Note: Our network is safely sandboxed to prevent any accidents.

What you will learn:

  • How to analyze remote networks
  • What the domain controller does
  • How to find credentials
  • How to expand access across a network
  • How to develop strategies to protect and defend networks and information

Course Outline:

Information Gathering

  • Learn to mine a website for key information
  • Practice techniques to discover new servers through DNS brute forcing, Zone transfers, etc.

Scanning and Enumeration

  • Learn network-based scanning and enumeration using command line tools
  • Discover exploits using web browser enumeration

Gaining Access

  • Practice Metasploit exploits and techniques
  • Discover port redirection and tunneling techniques
  • Learn Cross Site Scripting (XSS), SQL Injection and file inclusion
  • Execute client-side exploits and botnet deployment

Expanding Access

  • Query the Windows Registry
  • Check system safety and security
  • Learn methods for discovering files of interest
  • Query the Windows Active Directory
  • Practice methods to crack passwords
  • Practice using Pass-the-Hash to access Windows systems
  • Learn to enumerate UNIX and Linux systems
  • Learn to leverage network devices and routing infrastructure

Sustaining Access

  • Detect antivirus tools and Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Learn techniques for sustaining access


  • Combine skills learned in course
  • Gain access to a remote network
  • Practice tunneling and pivoting to reach the data


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