MIDS Baseline Upgrade-2 and Joint Tactical Radio Systems Capabilities – Virtual Webinar Live

Start Dates:

Start Date 1: 10/20/2020 9:00 am


Location Course 1: Virtual Webinar Live

Course Length:



$1590 per person


The MIDS JTRS Terminal and new capabilities supported by the MIDS Baseline-2 upgrade will greatly increase the capability, capacity, flexibility, and security of Link 16 networks. The two-day course explains each of the new Link 16 capabilities and how it effects the future of Link 16. This training does not incorporate Link 16 background information. Students that do not have a Link 16 background should consider the Link 16 Advanced with Baseline Upgrade-2 and JTRS Course.

Follow-On Support: Our online training includes our free one-year of instructor support so that students can contact the instructor with training related questions.

Online Training Description: Our online training platform delivers a live interactive video broadcast of the instructor and training materials.


Course is designed for:

This course is suitable for operators, engineers, and other Link 16 professionals (beginners and experts) that would like to have a greater understanding about these complex changes and the future of Link 16.

Course Outline:

  • Baseline Upgrade 2
  • Link 16 Enhanced Throughput Introduction
  • Host Interfaces
  • LET/JET Background Info
  • J-Messages over ET (JET)
  • Link 16 Enhanced Throughput (LET)
  • Crypto Modernization
  • Frequency Remapping
  • MIDS JTRS Introduction
  • JTRS SRU/LRU Descriptions
  • Terminal Interfaces / Busses
  • External Host Control Bus
  • JTRS Networking Capabilities
  • JTRS Initialization Data (ICD Vol. I)
  • JTRS Platform Types (ICD Vol. III)
  • JTRS FIMs Explained
  • JTRS FOMs Explained
  • Concurrent Multi-Netting
  • Concurrent Contention Receive
  • Configuration Options


  • Patrick Pierson a retired U.S. Navy (USN) Joint Interface Control Officer (JICO), is the Managing Director of NCS. Patrick has more than 30 years of operational Tactical Data Link (TDL) experience, and has developed more than 75 TDL training courses which have been delivered to thousands of students around the globe. He is also responsible for the design of the Multi-TDL Planning System, OPTASK Link Generator, Network Design Tool, INDE Processing Program, Improved TSDF Calculator, JFAR, JCM, JAR Generator, and the Link 16 Pulse Planning System. Prior to his retirement, Patrick served as the Theatre JICO for the Commander US Naval Forces Europe and Commander US Naval Forces Sixth Fleet, and was part of the JICO teams for Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Allied Force, and dozens of Joint and Coalition exercises.

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