Introduction To Lean Six Sigma

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This two-day Agile project management training course provides a solid foundation in integrating the concepts of Lean and Six Sigma with Agile project management to deliver the most effective method for delivering customer value and satisfaction to every project. Upon completing this Agile project management training course, you will be able to put these tools into immediate action on your current and future projects. Taught only by an experienced PMP, CSM, and Six Sigma Black Belt instructor.

What you will learn:


  • Evaluate the high-risk project
  • Execute Lean approaches to deliver high quality, high customer satisfaction projects
  • Discover how Agile project management approaches can deliver high quality software in 15-30 days!
  • Reduce or Eliminate the Seven Wastes on your projects
  • Find and eliminate the ‘Hidden Factory’ on your projects
  • Give management unprecedented visibility into your project timeline, budget and deliverables using a Lean-Agile mix of techniques
  • Master the statistical tools that enable you to manage your projects with data and fact
  • Identify and implement the five key business success factors to Agile project success
  • Capture the ‘Voice of the Customer’ and collect stated and implied needs on a project
  • Discover the two core improvement focuses for a business (The Core Business and Operations)
  • Eliminate the three largest problems in your business process (Delay, Defects and Variance)
  • Perform accurate time and cost estimates


Course Outline:

  1. Use statistical controls to understand variability in your processes – understand Special Cause and Common Cause variation
  2. Implement empirical Plan-Do-Check-Act cycles in development activity – incrementally improve and fine tune your processes
  3. Capture real user needs and convert them into clear technical requirements
  4. Create a process to place usable software into user’s hands in 15-30 days
  5. Build quality into the project up front instead of inspecting it in – implement mistake-proofing techniques that prevent problems from becoming defects
  6. Learn how to ask the right questions to drive effective decisions and solutions
  7. Remove the ‘Hidden Factory’ from your projects that add 25%-40% of the cost of doing business
  8. Define the ‘pull’ approaches in software projects to deliver just in time and right on target
  9. Understand ‘5S’ and how it can help you become Lean
  10. Deliver the ‘value stream’ in your process that targets the ‘Voice of the Customer’
  11. ive senior management clear visibility into the project processes, budget and timeline
  12. Learn how to design your processes for One-Piece flow
  13. Apply techniques to implement agile approaches in traditional, locked down environments to deliver greater customer satisfaction
  14. What DLM (development life cycle) should you be using on your projects? Review and understand the fundamental DLMs to maximize project success. Disscover how to help your customer become a champion for Agility
  15. Gain the support of senior management for your project
  16. Identify and eliminate non-value-added activities in your software process
  17. Define the real goal in your process improvement activities
  18. Learn how reuse can cut your development time better than half!



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