Initial Sizing and Hand Calculations for Designers and Analysts: Aerospace Bootcamp (1-Day)

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This intensive one-day course is meant to provide the attendee with directly applicable tools to get their jobs done. The emphasis is on tactical execution of structural sizing during the initial phases of a design to ensure the concepts will meet the requirements when more through analysis is completed later.

The methods are all presented as functions to aid the attendee is understanding the influence of the various design parameters that drive the sizing of the structure. In additional to presentation and equations, digital copies of references are provided with excel and MathCAD versions of the solutions provided to allow the users to implement the methods immediately.

Each topic presented could be extended to one or more days of training. In fact, some topics are routinely given as multi-day sessions. This course is not like that and instead provides an 80/20 rule solution for most configurations seen in production and then provides the resources for the designer and analyst to investigate further as required.

By emphasizing fast, accurate, and easy to understand sizing rules, designs can be set on the correct trajectory early in the development phase thereby reducing or eliminating the need to costly redesigns later.


This outline can also be taught with expanded information as a two-day course.

What you will learn:

• How to size primary structure during the initial design phase.
• How to use hand calcs to substantiate Finite Element Model (FEM) results.
• Real world hands-on worked examples.
• Where to go for more in-depth information.
• DVD of presentation slides, references, and Excel/MathCAD engineering templates.

Course Outline:

1. Problem Setup – Thinking like a Stressman
2. Loads and Loads Determination
3. Mechanics of Materials Primer
4. Materials & Material Allowable
5. Metallic Bolted Joints
6. Composite Bolted Joints
7. Lugs
8. Sizing and Analyzing Welds
9. Bonded Joints
10. Sizing of Beams
11. Sizing of Plates and Scaling Rules
12. Ultimate Analysis
13. Bearing Details & Detrimental Yield
14. Buckling and Stability
15. Sandwich Panels
16. Potted Inserts
17. Intro to Composites


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  • Eric Roulo has been an aerospace structural analyst for 18 years working on satellites, rockets, and commercial and mili-tary aircraft systems. As a consultant, he has worked on target and Orbital rockets, Global Hawk, Predator, commercial and NASA satellites, and numerous weapons systems. Since 2006 he has trained 100’s of engineers both on-site and at public courses. Eric brings a unique perspective to the class-room with production level tools, broad industry experience, efficient methods,
    extensive references, and provided solution templates. –––

    “Eric has been a driving force in implementing leading edge analysis and modeling practices for our engineering teams through seminars, Boot Camp training, and one-on-one interactions that have resulted in increased efficiency, greater accuracy, and improved designs for program teams”

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