Compressors and their Drivers

Start Dates:

Start Date 1: 09/24/2019 8:30 am


Location Course 1: Houston, Texas

Course Length:






  • This 3-day course provides an overview of compressors, their drivers and auxiliary systems.
  • Optimize your condition based equipment reliability program
  • Maximize plant production and reliability, confirm OEM performance guarantees and optimize equipment utilization
  • The people attending the course should be technical personnel interested in better understanding turbomachinery (operators, engineers & technicians, reliability specialists, project engineers, equipment specialists and planning engineers).
  • For the seasoned engineer as well as those new to turbomachinery.
  • The book “Compressor Performance” along with program slides will be provided to all attendees.
  • Take advantage of this excellent opportunity to learn compressor and turbine theory and easy practical methods to maintain and troubleshoot turbomachinery.


What you will learn:

  • How a compressor works: basic compressor aerodynamics and thermodynamics
  • Considerations for purchasing new compressors
  • Best practices for operating and maintaining a compressor
  • Condition monitoring
  • Case studies & troubleshooting problems
  • Maximizing utilization

Course Outline:

  1. Compressor Aerodynamics Introduction to Turbocompressors: Aerodynamic Components: Compressor Characteristics: Compressor Design & Construction: Compressor Performance: Equipment Selection:
  2. Turbomachinery Hardware and Auxiliary Systems: Maintenance & Operation, Bearings, Seals Shaft Ends Seals:. Journal and Thrust Bearings: Vibration: Balance: Rotor Design, Rotordynamics & Rotor Stability: Design & Analysis: Couplings: Lube & Seal Oil Systems:
  3. Steam Turbines Introduction to Steam Turbines: Casing & Rotors: Auxiliary Systems:
  4. General Driver Selection:.Compressor & Turbine Performance Evaluation & Troubleshooting: Case Studies: Compressor and Turbine Operation:


  • Ron Stewart is currently Director, Technology Flexware, Inc., Grapeville, PA, USA where he assists with software development, does application engineering for rerates, and assists with sales, service calls & marketing. Mr. Stewart developed the original GasFlex® gas properties software which is the calculation engine for Flex Live® software. Extensive worldwide sales and service career to global engineering firms and energy companies. Strong knowledge of complex turbomachinery systems (centrifugal gas compressors, axial air compressors, mechanical drive steam turbines, steam turbine generators & hot gas expanders) and how they integrate into end user’s systems. Ronald Stewart received a Bachelor of Science – Marine Engineering at The University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, MI, USA in 1964.

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