Breakthrough Thinking: Creative Solutions for Professional Success


Simple, creative solutions are a jewel-like commodity in today’s exciting marketplace of ideas. Master the six winning strategies covered in this highly motivational short course and you can lead a more stimulating life, help your country’s competitive posture, and enhance the value of your own career. Simple, creative solutions can be worth more than gold. In this highly successful short course author, engineer, and international keynote speaker, Thomas S. Logsdon, will expose you to six powerful new thought processes or “winning strategies” that will motivate you to develop, polish, and perfect routine billion-dollar breakthroughs. The concepts presented are carefully designed to increase your professional productivity by emphasizing individual creativity, on-the-job discipline, and satisfying team membership. Bring along a baffling professional problem you have been itching to solve. Four times each day you will be exposed to structured exercises specifically designed to help you conjure up simple, creative solutions. To help reinforce the key concepts, you will receive 200 summary charts jam-packed with useful information, two 16-page workbooks bristling with helpful hints and inspirational quotes, and a free autographed copy of Logsdon’s best-selling book, Six Simple, Creative Solutions That Shook the World.

Course Outline:

  1. Getting Into The Proper Frame of Mind to Become More Creative. Discovering powerful new ways to accentuate your creative problem-solving skills. Surrounding yourself with supportive people. Effective brainstorming techniques. Mastering and using the six winning strategies on the Arc of Creativity.
  2. Breaking Your Problem apart and Putting it Back Together Again. Fred Smith’s marvelously efficient hub-and-spoke architecture. Learning how to use mind-mapping techniques. Building effective balloon diagrams. Finding a faster way to make more and better army muskets.
  3. Taking a Fresh Look at the Interfaces. John Houlbolt’s superb new strategy for conquering the moon. Designing user-friendly computing machines. Simplifying today’s needlessly complicated business forms. Learning to modify the interfaces with balloon diagrams. Building new interfaces that work for you.
  4. Reformulating Your Problem. Figuring out how to turn a worrisome problem into a productive solution. A 5-point checklist for reformulating your trickiest problems. An innovative scheme for finding and circumventing real or imagined constraints. Combining two problems to make both of them go away. Creating and using your own magic grid.
  5. Visualizing Fruitful Analogies. Finding a powerful new way to “weave” numbers into meaningful patterns. Learning to formulate industrial-strength metaphors. Turning Mother Nature’s raindrops into highly effective weapons.
  6. Searching For a Useful Order-of-Magnitude Changes. Making megabucks by building tomorrow’s castles in the sky. Using logarithmic scales to depict highly productive conceptual ideas. Learning to harness and exploit the magic powers of ten. Compelling hopes for tomorrow’s micromachines.
  7. Staying Alert to Happy Serendipity. Galileo’s awesome new insights at the Leaning Tower of Pisa. A short history of scientific serendipity. Mastering and exploiting serendipity’s golden rule. The synthetic meteorite experiment. Joyous adventures in personal discovery. Highly productive vacations, serendipity, and success.
  8. Getting Your Ideas Accepted in a Gangling Bureaucracy. Using the Arc of Creativity to conjure up creative solutions in abundance. Repackaging your ideas for public consumption. Caucusing your colleagues to gain professional support. Writing for an audience of one. Preparing yourself for tomorrow’s highly persuasive Technicolor presentations. Using what you have learned in attacking next year’s professional problems. The joys and benefits of the creative connection.


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  • Thomas Logsdon knows how to make you more efficient and productive by helping you solve your professional problems in surprisingly simple and efficient ways. Logsdon is an award-winning rocket scientist with an international reputation. He has written and sold 1.7 million words, including 31 non-fiction books. He has delivered 1500 lectures, helped design an exhibit for the Smithsonian Institution, applied for a patent, and made guest appearances on 25 television shows. A highly innovative mathematician and systems analyst in the aerospace industry, Logsdon has helped mastermind such large and complicated projects as the Apollo moon flights, NASA’s orbiting Skylab, and the Navstar Global Positioning System (GPS) with a billion receivers now in use. Logsdon has taught more than three hundred short courses in 31 different countries. His combination of teaching, writing, lecturing, and industry experience uniquely qualify him to teach this highly motivational short course on productivity enhancement and simple creative problem-solving techniques.

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