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ATI's Space & Satellite Seminars

Applied Technology Institute's space, satellite, and aerospace engineering technical training classes deliver the highest quality professional development and continuing education training in the field of space, satellite, and aerospace engineering. Our industry leading instructors provide course attendees with both practical and technical knowledge necessary to excel in the field of satellite, aerospace, and space engineering. Topics include Fundamentals and Advanced Topics of SAR, Aerospace Simulations in C++, and Space-based Radar. All of ATI's space, satellite, and aerospace engineering courses are taught by world-class experts who average 25 to 35 years of experience. Instructors are carefully selected on the basis of their professional experience and ability to explain advanced technology in a readily comprehensible manner. In addition to teaching, each instructor continues to spend the majority (80 %) of their time working with the technology they teach. This ensures that ATI's course materials are updated frequently and reflect the latest developments and state-of-the-art technologies. Register for one of ATI's space, satellite, and aerospace engineering seminars to stay current with rapidly evolving technological advancements, increase your effectiveness, productivity, and ensure that you and your company stay on the cutting edge of today's highly competitive market place. To get a feel for the high quality nature of the ATI's course materials, please visit our sampler page and view a small subset (10-30 pages) of excerpts from ATI's available courses. ATI guarantee's your satisfaction! We will do whatever is required before or after the course to ensure you, the customer, is completely satisfied.

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  1. Advanced Satellite Communications Systems- P110
  2. Aerospace Structures: Design, Analysis, and Test- P120
  3. Advanced Topics in Launch Vehicle Design- P111
  4. Attitude Determination & Control- P121
  5. Climate Change Science and Monitoring from Space- P126
  6. Communications Payload Design and Satellite System Architecture- P125
  7. Communication Satellite and Navigation From Space- P124
  8. Composite Materials for Aerospace- E120
  9. Directions in Space Remote Sensing- P141
  10. Design & Analysis of Bolted Joints- P131
  11. Earth Station Design, Implementation, Operation and Maintenance- P142
  12. Effective Design Reviews- M145
  13. Engineering for Success in the Space Industry- P144
  14. Fundamentals Of Space Missions- P151
  15. GPS & International Competitors- D162
  16. Ground System Design & Operation- P155
  17. Hyperspectral & Mulitspectral Imaging- E163
  18. Initial Sizing & Hand Calcs
  19. IP Networking Over Satellite (2 day)- P162
  20. IP Networking Over Satellite (3 day)- P163
  21. Launch Vehicle Design, Selection, Performance, & Use- P164
  22. Launch Vehicle Systems - Reusable- P165
  23. Liquid Rocket Engines for Spacecraft Pressure-Fed Propulsion Systems- P170
  24. Micro Electro Mechanical Systems in Space- P171
  25. Mission Analysis for Solar System Exploration- P173
  26. Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis of Aerospace Vehicles
  27. Orbital & Launch Mechanics - Fundamentals- P180
  28. Optical & Remote Sensing
  29. Orbital & Launch Mechanics
  30. Planetary Science for Aerospace Professionals- P190
  31. Rockets & Missiles Fundamentals- D234
  32. Rockets & Launch Vehicles: Selection and Design
  33. Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) in Wireless Communications
  34. Reducing Space Launch Cost- P192
  35. Remote Sensing Information Extraction- P193
  36. Risk Assessment & Management for Space Flight- P210
  37. Rockets & Missiles Fundamentals
  38. Rocket Propulsion 101- D233
  39. SATCOM Technology and Networks- P211
  40. Satellite Communication - An Essential Introduction- P212
  41. Satellite Link Budget Training Using SatMaster Software- P222
  42. Satellite Communications Design and Engineering- P214
  43. Satellite Laser Communications- P221
  44. Satellite Liquid Propulsion Systems- P224
  45. Six Degrees Of Freedom Modeling and Simulation of Aerospace Vehicle- D240
  46. Solid Rocket Motor Design & Applications- P231
  47. Space - An Introduction- P234
  48. Space-Based Laser Systems- P255
  49. Space Environment - Implications for Spacecraft Design- P233
  50. Space Environment & It's Effects On Space Systems- P232
  51. Space Mission Analysis and Design- P235
  52. Space Mission Structures (3 Day)
  53. Space Mission Structures- P241
  54. Spacecraft RF Communications- P265
  55. Space Policy: on Civil, Commercial, and Military Space Programs- P242
  56. Space Radiation & It's Effects On Space Systems & Astronauts- P243
  57. Space System Fundamentals- P245
  58. Space Systems Fundamentals- P152
  59. Space Systems - Intermediate Design- P251
  60. Space Systems - Subsystems Designs- P252
  61. Space Weather & Telecommunication Systems- P254
  62. Spacecraft Reliability, Quality Assurance, Integration & Testing- P263
  63. Spacecraft Power Systems (2 day)- P261
  64. Spacecraft Propulsion Systems
  65. Spacecraft Radiation Protection- P262
  66. Spacecraft Solar Arrays- P271
  67. Spacecraft Systems Integration & Test- P282
  68. Spacecraft Systems & Missions: Payloads & Spacecraft- P274
  69. Spacecraft Thermal Control- P283
  70. State-of-the Art Satellite Communications - Technologies and Solutions- P216
  71. Structural Test Design and Interpretation for Aerospace Programs- P284
  72. Ten Principles for Successful Space Programs- P288
  73. Ten Principles for Successful Space Programs- 3 Day
  74. Tropospheric impairment prediction at high frequencies- D260
  75. Threaded Fastening Systems per NASA-STD-5020- P131
  76. Understanding Space- P285
  77. Understanding Structural Verification: For Space-Mission Hardware- P289