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By Robert A. Nelson
Note: Dr. Robert A. Nelson, P.E., president of Satellite Engineering Research Corporation, a satellite engineering consulting firm in Bethesda, Md., is a contributing writer to Via Satellite and a frequent ATI lecturer, whose course Satellite Communication Systems Engineering: LEO, MEO, GEO covers a broad array of topics in satellite communications, including a detailed technical review of the Iridium system.

Feature Essays and Articles by ATI’s Tom Logsdon

Thomas S. Logsdon, is an award-winning rocket scientist with an international reputation. He has written and published 1.5 million words, including 27 nonfiction books. He has delivered 700 lectures, helped design an exhibit for the Smithsonian Institution, applied for a patent, and made guest appearances on 25 television shows. A highly innovative mathematician and systems analyst in the aerospace industry, Logsdon has helped mastermind such large and complicated projects as the Apollo moon flights, NASA’s orbiting Skylab, and the DoD’s Navstar navigation system. In the past decade, Logsdon has taught more than one hundred 2-day and 3-day short courses in 18 different countries scattered across five continents.