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Any ATI course can be held at your facility for 6 or more people. Among the advantages of holding an on-site course are:

  • On-site courses are very client-specific and can be tailored to your requirements.
  • Additional high-interest topics can be added as needed.
  • You and your team can control the timing of the course.

On-sites can be a very cost-effective option with a typical break-even point for your facility being 6 to 8 students, considering expenses incurred by personnel when travelling to an open-enrollment course. If you want to include contractors or attendees from other divisions, we can bill each unit separately.

Please fill in the information below and someone from our offices will contact you. Let us know what time frame you would like the course to be presented and we will work with your group and the instructor's schedule to identify a mutually agreeable date.

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