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Radar, Missiles & Combat Systems Courses and Technical Training Seminars

ATI's radar, missiles, and combat systems short course offerings will boost your career by providing a clear understanding of the fundamental principles taught by world-class design experts. ATI is a nationally known industry leader in the development, presentation, and customization of leading-edge radar, missiles, and combat courses. ATI provides a full curriculum of courses on topics including Advanced Developments in Radar Technology, Electronic Warfare, and Grounding and Shielding for EMC. ATI's classes provide the technical and practical knowledge needed to understand complex radar, missile, and combat system technology. ATI can meet your individual needs through one of our many public seminars held throughout the United States or through an individually tailored on-site training seminar held at any location in or outside the United States. Boost your career and enhance your technical skills through one of our many professional development courses. All radar, missiles, and combat system courses are taught by world-class experts who average 25 to 35 years of experience. Instructors are carefully selected on the basis of their professional experience and ability to explain advanced technology in a readily comprehensible manner. In addition to teaching, each instructor continues to spend the majority (80 %) of their time working with the technology they teach. This ensures that course materials are updated frequently and reflect the latest technological developments. Register for one of ATI's professional development seminars to stay current with rapidly evolving technological advancements, increase your effectiveness, productivity, and ensure that you and your company stay on the cutting edge of today's highly competitive market place. To get a feel for the high quality nature of the ATI's course materials, please visit our sampler page and view a small subset (10-30 pages) of excerpts from ATI's available courses. ATI guarantee's your satisfaction! We will do whatever is required before or after the course to ensure you, the customer, is completely satisfied.

  1. Advanced Developments in Radar Technology- D110
  2. Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense- D118
  3. Aegis Combat System Engineering- D117
  4. AESA Radar and Its Applications
  5. Aircraft Avionics Flight Test
  6. Aircraft Conceptual Design
  7. Aircraft Design: Configuration Layout, Loft, & CAD
  8. Aircraft Electro-Optical Avionics Flight Test
  9. Antenna & Array Fundamentals- D120
  10. C4ISR Requirements, Principles, and Systems- D123
  11. Combat Systems Engineering/Aegis Combat Systems Engineering- D130
  12. Cyber Leadership Course (CLC)
  13. Cyber Warfare - Global Trends- D131
  14. Digital Radio Frequency Memories (DRFM)
  15. Directed Infrared Countermeasures (DIRCM) Principles- D126
  16. Electronic Protection and Electronic Attack- D134
  17. Electronic Warfare Against the New Threat Environment
  18. Electronic Warfare ELINT Receivers- D135
  19. Electronic Warfare- Introduction 101- D136
  20. Electronic Warfare Receivers with DSP
  21. Electronic Warfare-Intermediate- D173
  22. ELINT Interception & Analysis- D143
  23. EMI/EMC in Military Systems- E141
  24. EW / ELINT Receivers with Digital Signal Processing Techniques
  25. Examining Network Centric Warfare (NCW)- D145
  26. Explosives Technology & Modeling- D150
  27. Geomatics - GIS, GPS and Remote Sensing- P153
  28. GPS and International Competitors- D162
  29. GPS/GNSS/IMU Integration for Robustness/Accuracy
  30. Isolating COTS Equipment aboard Military Vehicles- D175
  31. Laser RADAR and Applications- D180
  32. Launch Vehicle Design
  33. Link 16 / JTIDS / MIDS- D153
  34. Link 16 with Network Enabled Weapons
  35. Making Decisions in Missile Defense- D181
  36. Microwave Antenna Principles and Practice
  37. Microwave Remote Sensing- D184
  38. Military Standard 810G
  39. Missile Analysis- D193
  40. Missile Guidance
  41. Missile System Design
  42. Multi-Target Tracking & Multi-Sensor Data Fusion- D210
  43. Naval Weapons Principles - D211
  44. Navy Planning
  45. Offensive Methodology & Analysis (OMA)
  46. Propagation Effects for Radar & Communication Systems- D220
  47. Pyrotechnic Shock Testing, Measurement, Analysis and Calibration- D221
  48. Radar 101- D222
  49. Radar 201- D223
  50. Radar- Principles
  51. Radar Signal Analysis & Processing with MATLAB- D225
  52. Radar Systems Analysis & Design Using MATLAB- D230
  53. Radar Systems Design & Engineering
  54. Radar Systems Fundamentals
  55. Radar Technology - Fundamentals- D232
  56. Rockets & Launch Vehicles: Selection and Design
  57. Robotics for Military and Civil Applications
  58. Rocket Propulsion 101- D233
  59. Rockets & Missiles - Fundamentals- D234
  60. Software Defined Radio Development
  61. Software Defined Radio Signal Processing
  62. Space-Based Laser Systems- P255
  63. Synthetic Aperture Radar
  64. Tactical & Strategic Missile Guidance- D245
  65. Tactical Battlefield Communications Electronic Warfare- D250
  66. Tactical Digital Forensics
  67. UAS Multi-Rotor Small Operations
  68. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Guidance & Control- D163
  69. Unmanned Air Vehicle Design- D261
  70. Unmanned Aircraft System Fundamentals- D262
  71. Unmanned Aircraft Systems Overview- D263