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ATI's Systems Engineering & Professional Development Seminars

Applied Technology Institute's professional development and system engineering classes will provide attendees with the in-depth knowledge needed to enhance their technical skills in areas such as architecting with DoDAF, CSEP preparation, and risk and opportunity management. Our industry leading instructors provide course attendees with both practical and technical knowledge necessary to excel. All of ATI's system engineering and professional development courses are taught by world-class experts who average 25 to 35 years of experience. Instructors are carefully selected on the basis of their professional experience and ability to explain topics in comprehensible manner. Register for one of ATI's many available seminars to stay current with rapidly evolving technological advancements, which is essential to increasing your effectiveness, productivity, and ensuring that you and your company stay on the cutting edge of today's highly competitive market place. To get a feel for the high quality nature of the ATI's course materials, please visit our sampler page and view a small subset (10-30 pages) of excerpts from ATI's courses. ATI guarantee's your satisfaction! We will do whatever is required before or after the course to ensure you, the customer, is completely satisfied.

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  1. Applied Systems Engineering- M120
  2. Applied Test & Evaluation
  3. Architecting with DODAF- M136
  4. Breakthrough Thinking: Creative Solutions for Professional Success- E113
  5. Certified Systems Professional - CSEP Preparation- M133
  6. COTS-Based Systems - Fundamentals- M152
  7. CSEP-ASEP Preparation Course with Detailed Guidebook
  8. Design Thinking - Creative Problem Solving
  9. Design Thinking: Creativity and Courage in Service of National Security.
  10. Enabling Skills for Supervisory Success
  11. Eureka Method: How to Think like an Inventor- M150
  12. Government Specific Project Management Skills for Team Leads- M163
  13. Innovation, Disruption and Corporate Sustainability
  14. Introduction To Lean Six Sigma- A116
  15. ITAR/EAR Bootcamp
  16. Lean Methods for Collaborative Project Planning
  17. Legacy Systems Engineering
  18. Managing Disruptive Research- M173
  19. MBSE with OMG SysMLT
  20. Model-based Systems Fundamentals
  21. Modeling & Simulation in the Systems Engineering Process
  22. Modeling and Simulation of Systems of Systems- M180
  23. Modern Requirements Verification- M181
  24. Object-Oriented Analysis and Design UML™ for Software- C164
  25. Project Management Overview and Leadership- M191
  26. Practical Project Management for Engineers
  27. Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Preparation- M192
  28. Project Scope Management- M211
  29. Principles of Test & Evaluation- M250
  30. Project Management- Fundamentals- M190
  31. Requirements Development and Management
  32. Systems Architecting- Fundamentals- M224
  33. System Architecting with SysML
  34. Systems Engineering - Cost Estimating- Cost Estimating
  35. Systems Engineering Fundamentals - M161
  36. Systems Engineering - Fundamentals Of Configuration Management- M151
  37. Systems Engineering - Fundamentals Of Risk Management- M160
  38. Systems Engineering - Requirements Engineering With DEVSME- M220
  39. Systems Engineering - Requirements Engineering With DEVSME- M220
  40. Systems Engineering - The People Dimension- M233
  41. Systems Engineering - Requirements- M231
  42. Systems Engineering - Management- M225
  43. Systems Engineering - Synthesis- M232
  44. Systems Engineering Toolkit
  45. Systems Engineering Verification M234
  46. Systems Optimizing the Product Development Process
  47. Systems Of Systems- M240
  48. Test Design & Analysis- M251
  49. Total Systems Engineering Development & Management- M253