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Information Technology

ATI's Oracle Advanced Backup & Recovery Using RMAN course

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    Technical Training Short On Site Course Quote

      In this course participants learn about Recovery Manager (RMAN). Students will gets hands-on experience using RMAN to perform backup, restore, and recovery operations. In addition, students will learn how to troubleshoot RMAN and RMAN related components, the media manager (tape systems), and operating system errors related to RMAN backup and recovery operations. Also an overview of RMAN new features for Oracle Database 10g will be presented and supplemented with very detailed Oracle Database 10g and Oracle9i Server Architecture diagrams.


      Experience with Oracle backup and recovery or Oracle9i Database Fundamentals II is required.

    Who Should Attend:

      Oracle Database Administrators, Oracle System Administrators, and Oracle Support Staff Administrators interested in Oracle Database 10g RMAN New Features will benefit from this course.

    Benefits of Attendance:

      The student will be able to:

      • understand the components of the RMAN Architecture;
      • configure and implement RMAN;
      • troubleshoot RMAN;
      • performance tune RMAN; and
      • understand Oracle Database 10g New Features for RMAN.

    Course Outline:

      Chapter 1: RMAN Overview

      1. What is Recovery Manager
      2. Recovery Manager Architecture Components
      3. Understanding the RMAN Utility program
      4. Recovery Catalog or
      5. Target Database controlfile?
      6. Channels and Media Manager Server in RMAN

      Chapter 2: Configuring RAM

      1. Deciding to Use a Recovery Catalog or Target database controlfile
      2. Creating the RMAN Catalog
      3. Using a RMAN Catalog
      4. RMAN Catalog Maintenance Commands
      5. Recovery Catalog Compatibility Issues
      6. Upgrading the RMAN Catalog

      Chapter 3: Backups Using RMAN

      1. Recovery Manager Backups
      2. Backup Sets
      3. Backup Algorithms
      4. Regular Backup Data Flow
      5. Proxy Backup Data Flow
      6. Duplexing RMAN Backups
      7. Cumulative and Incremental Backups using RMAN

      Chapter 4: RMAN Restore and Recovery

      1. Restore Concepts
      2. Restore Algorithm
      3. RMAN AUTOLOCATE Feature
      4. Parallelization of Restore
      5. Recovery Concepts
      6. Tablespace/datafile Recovery
      7. Point-In-Time Recovery

      Chapter 5: Using RMAN With a Media Manager

      1. Backups to Disk or Tape
      2. Media Management Interface
      3. Backup and Restore Operations Using a Media Manager
      4. Media Manager Crosschecks

      Chapter 6: Debugging in RMAN

      1. Identifying Types of Error Message Output
      2. Using RMAN DEBUG Option
      3. RMAN Error Stack With RMAN/ Media Manager Error / Server Error
      4. Monitoring Recovery Manager Jobs

      Chapter 7: RMAN Performnace Issues

      1. Performance Rules
      2. Multiplexing Issues
      3. Proper Implementation of Parallel
      4. Performance Monitoring
      5. Bottlenecks with Synchronous and Asynchronous I/O

      Chapter 8: RMAN List and Report Commands

      1. RMAN List Commands
      2. RMAN Report Commands

      Chapter 9: RMAN: What's New in Oracle 10g

      1. Oracle9i/Oracle10g Server Architecture Diagrams
      2. New Backup and Recovery Strategy in Oracle 10g
      3. Oracle 10g Flash Recovery Area
      4. Best Practices for the Flash Recovery Area
      5. Fast Incremental Backup
      6. Creating Compressed Backups
      7. Simplified Recovery Through RESETLOGS Options


      Tuition is $2500 per person at one of our scheduled public courses. Onsite pricing is available. Please call us at 410-956-8805 or send an email to

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