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NEW ATI Courses 2010

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The Applied Technology Institute (ATI Courses) short professional development techical training courses are designed for busy engineers, supporting disciplines, decision makers and project managers. In other words, they are for professionals like you, who desire a more complete understanding today's complex technology. They will increase your value to your employer. You will also gain the knowledge needed to get the edge over your competition.

These seminars are taught from the point-of-view of a decision maker needing the technical knowledge to make better informed choices. You will not only learn to interact meaningfully with your colleagues but also master the terminology of today's complicated systems.

Our classes will help you obtain a clear understanding of the fundamental principles involved with both rocket and space technology. With this understanding, you can better handle the difficult issues that you must face in your day-to-day job. You will learn solutions to address a wide spectrum of problems and choices in both government and civilian arenas.

The full courses include the following relevant information:

  • What you need to know about rocket and space systems
  • Typical nomenclature, vocabulary, and concepts
  • What are the current and future military and industry applications
  • Discussion of project requirements and constraints

Our mission here at the Applied Technology Institute (ATI) is to provide you the highest quality professional development training. ATI's instructors are world-class experts who are the best in the business. They are carefully selected for their ability to clearly explain advanced technology. The material presented in each class is kept current and up to date by the instructor.

Any ATI course can be customized and presented On Site at your location. For more information or to request a printed catalog, call 410-956-8805 or toll free 1-888-501-2100, fax 410-956-5785, or send e-mail to We can develop new public or On Site technical training seminars to meet your requirements.

Course Title Date Location
Directed Infrared Countermeasures (DIRCM) Principles On Site Your Facility
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Preparation
  • On Site Your Facility
    Advanced Electronic Warfare On Site Your Facility
    Computational Electromagnetics May 17-19, 2011 Beltsville, MD
    Fiber Optics Technology & Applications May 9-11, 2011 Las Vegas, NV
    Applying 3G WCDMA Technology to MUOS On Site Your Facility
    Instrumentation for Test & Measurement Mar 29-31, 2011 Beltsville, MD
    SATCOM Technology and Networks On Site Your Facility
    Project Dominance Oct 5-6, 2010 Chesapeake, VA
    Systems Engineering (SE) Best Practices and Technical CONOPS Dec 7-9, 2010 Chesapeake, VA
    Optical Communications Systems January 2011 San Diego, CA
    Understanding Structural Verification for Space Aug 24-26, 2010 Littleton, CO
    Structural Test Design and Interpretation for Aerospace Programs Oct 26-28, 2010 Littleton, CO
    Phased Array Radar On Site Your Facility
    Laser RADAR and Applications On Site Your Facility
    Principles of Naval Weapons On Site Your Facility
    Making Decisions in Missile Defense On Site Your Facility
    Electronic Warfare ELINT Receivers Oct 5-7, 2010 Rome, NY
    Electronic Protection and Electronic Attack Oct 12-14, 2010 Rome, NY
    Radar and Electronic Warfare On Site Your Facility
    Isolating COTS Equipment aboard Military Vehicles Sep 13-15, 2010 Eden Prairie, MN
    Guidance, Navigation & Control Engineering Feb 8-10, 2011 Beltsville, MD
    Modern Requirements Verification June 23-24, 2010 Arlington, VA
    Pyrotechnic Shock Testing, Measurement, Analysis and Calibration On Site Your Facility
    Breakthrough Thinking: Creative Solutions for Professional Success July 13-14, 2010 Beltsville, MD
    Fundamentals Of Space Missions Aug 3-5, 2010 Los Angeles, CA
    Earth Station Design Jun 7-10, 2010 Beltsville, MD
    Liquid Rocket Engines for Spacecraft Pressure-Fed Propulsion Systems On Site Your Facility
    Underwater Acoustics for Biologists and Conservation Managers June 14-16, 2010 Silver Spring, MD
    Applied Physical Oceanography Modeling and Acoustics May 18-20, 2010 Beltsville, MD
    Fundamentals of Sonar & Target Motion Anlysis On Site Your Facility
    Explosives Technology and Modeling Oct 4-7, 2010 Santa Fe, NM
    Tactical and Strategic Missile Guidance On-Site Your Facility
    Theory and Fundamentals of Cyber Warfare On Site Your Facility
    Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Applications On Site Your Facility
    Risk and Opportunity Management On Site Your Facility
    Engineering Systems Modeling with Excel / VBA Jun 15-16, 2010 Beltsville, MD
    Signal & Image Processing And Analysis For Scientists And Engineers On-Site Your Facility
    Aerospace Simulations in C++ (2 Days) May 11-12, 2010 Beltsville, MD
    Aerospace Simulations in C++ (4 Days) On Site Your Facility
    Communications Payload Design–Satellite System Architecture On Site Your Facility
    Remote Sensing Information Extraction Mar 16-18, 2010 Chantilly, VA
    Satellite Laser Communications On Site Your Facility
    Space Mission Analysis and Design Jun 22-24, 2010 Beltsville, MD
    Understanding Space On Site Your Facility

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