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ATI's Grand Systems Verification course

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    Technical Training Short On Site Course Quote

      This course focuses on managing the overall process for identification and documentation of requirements but is most intensely involved in the control of the process after the requirements have been identified and become part of the specifications prepared for the system. Specification scheduling, format standards, configuration control and change management are covered as well as applicable documents analysis and tailoring. Another course focus is risk management as it applies to product performance relative to its requirements. This includes coverage of margins and budgets, technical performance measurement, validation, and control of product representations. The course emphasizes the use of computer requirements tools. The table below provides an outline for the course.

      Systems Engineering Grand Systems Development Training Program

      Jeff Gradyhas 30 years of industry experience in aerospace companies as a system engineer, engineering manager, field engineer, and project engineer. Jeff has authored nine published books in the system engineering field and holds a Master of Science in System Management from USC. He teaches system engineering courses nation-wide. Jeff is an INCOSE Founder, Fellow, and CSEP.

      Contact this instructor (please mention course name in the subject line)

    Course Outline:

      Hour 01 — Requirements and Specifications Overview
      Hour 02 — Validation and Verification Overview
      Hour 03 — Verification Requirements Identification
      Hour 04 — Verification Requirements Identification (Continued)
      Hour 05 — Verification Requirements Writing Workshop
      Hour 06 — Verification Requirements Writing Workshop (Continued)
      Hour 07 — Top-Down Verification Planning & Documentation
      Hour 08 — Top-Down Item Qualification Planning Workshop
      Hour 09 — Top-Down Item Qualification Planning Workshop (Continued)
      Hour 10 — Bottom-Up Item Qualification Planning Analysis
      Hour 11 — Bottom-Up Item Qualification Planning Workshop
      Hour 12 — Bottom-Up Item Qualification Planning Workshop (Continued)
      Hour 13 — Item Qualification Implementation
      Hour 14 — Item Qualification Verification Management & Audit
      Hour 15 — FCA Workshop
      Hour 16 — FCA Workshop (Continued)
      Hour 17 — System Verification Planning
      Hour 18 — Acceptance Verification Planning
      Hour 19 — Acceptance Verification Planning (Continued)
      Hour 20 — Acceptance Verification Workshop
      Hour 21 — Acceptance Verification Workshop (Continued)
      Hour 22 — Acceptance Verification Mgmt and Audit
      Hour 23 — Re-Verification and Verification Variations
      Hour 24 — Process Validation and Verification


      Tuition for this three-day course is $1400 per person at one of our scheduled public courses. Each participant receives a copy Mr. Mantle's 2004 AIAA book The Missile Defense Equation: Factors for Decision Making. Please call us at 410-956-8805 or send an email to

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