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Information Technology

ATI's Introduction to Fireworks course

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    Technical Training Short On Site Course Quote

      This is a hands-on course that will allow you to create vector graphics, edit bitmap graphics, optimize images, and create and assign rollover effects for the Web. Students will be able to create, modify, and optimize graphics for use on Web sites; create graphics that include rollovers, text, hotspots, and other visual effects.


      Students must have a basic understanding of their computer's operating system.

    Who Should Attend:

      This course is for new or prospective Web designers who want to create, modify, and optimize using Macromedia Fireworks.

    Benefits of Attendance:

      The student will be able to:

      • differentiate between bitmap and vector graphics;
      • precisely scale objects;
      • create and manipulate complex vector graphics and apply effects, textures, and patterns;
      • understand the GIF, JPEG, and PNG file;
      • import bitmap (raster) graphics and modify them;
      • create selections within bitmap images using various tools;
      • import and modify text objects, and merge them with vector graphics;
      • understand image resolutions;
      • show and edit rulers, grids, and guides in order to position items on a Web page;
      • create hotspots to link to slice complex images into sections and use the Optimize panel and Fireworks' Preview modes to optimize the images individually;
      • create simple and customized rollover and disjoint rollover effects using effects, patterns, and textures; and
      • export a multi-frame Fireworks file with rollover effects as an HTML document.

    Course Outline:

      Chapter 1: The Fireworks Environment

      1. An Overview of Fireworks
      2. Vector and Bitmap Graphics
      3. Fireworks Environment Elements
      4. Navigating in Fireworks

      Chapter 2: Creating Vector Graphics

      1. Vector Drawing Tools
      2. Drawing Basic Shapes
      3. Modifying Vector Graphics

      Chapter 3: Transforming Vector Images and Effects

      1. Combining Shapes
      2. Applying Effects

      Chapter 4: Bitmap Images

      1. Bitmap Basics
      2. Editing Bitmap Images
      3. Effects with Bitmap Images

      Chapter 5: Using Text

      1. Creating Text
      2. Merging Text and Graphics

      Chapter 6: Optimizing Graphics for the Web

      1. Web Graphic File Formats
      2. Optimizing Images

      Chapter 7: Hotspot Links

      1. Creating Hotspots
      2. Assigning Links to Hotspots

      Chapter 8: Slicing and Rollovers

      1. Slicing
      2. Rollovers


      Tuition is $440 per person at one of our scheduled public courses. Onsite pricing is available. Government personnel receive a reduced rate. Please call us at 410-956-8805 or send an email to

    Register Now Without Obligation