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Course Materials & Requirements

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ATI requires a master copy of your course notes at least four weeks prior to your presentation. ATI will duplicate your notes and will distribute them to course attendees in binder form. Keep in mind that course notes for international meetings may require more preparation and shipping time.

These notes are not intended as a stand-alone text, but rather as a supplement to your instruction. Notes and materials submitted for reproduction should be the original documents, not copies. Notes supplied digitally should be created with common presentation software; the most common formats are PowerPoint or Adobe PDF.

NOTE:If your presentation uses dark-colored backgrounds, please create a version with light backgrounds to submit for the print copy, as dark backgrounds do not duplicate clearly. If you submit notes featuring dark backgrounds, we will return the notes to you and request a new copy in the proper format. If you have taught at a previous ATI meeting it is very likely we have a copy of your course note masters already in our archives. If you are not making any changes to your notes and would like to use the old copy please contact the Course Coordinator with this request.

Required Course Notes Elements:

Complete notes formatted for black and white duplication, black text on a white background. (Checked for correct spelling and grammar)

  • Course title
  • Instructor's name
  • Page numbers
  • Brief course outline
  • Copies of all presentation view graphs with clarifying text
  • Copies of all equations, checked for accuracy - make sure that any special characters such as mathematical symbols have reproduced correctly
  • Bibliography
  • Permissions if material is from other published sources

Limit the Size:

Plan to limit your course notes to approximately 100 pages/slides for each half-day of class time. Keep in mind the time constraints on your presentation -- you may not be able to cover all intended content in the time allowed. You may include material for extracurricular reading.

Bind in Presentation Order:

Assemble your notes in the order that you will present the information. Include clean originals of all view graphs to be discussed so that attendees will have a foundation for taking notes.


Please review your notes carefully to make sure all of the text has reproduced correctly, and that the notes utilize a light-colored background. Pay special attention to equations, as certain specialized characters (such as mathematical symbols) do not render properly using standard font sets. Please contact Course Coordinator ( if you have any questions about this.

Copyright Issues:

Instructors must obtain permission of the copyright holder when reproducing complete articles or substantial portions of material from other published sources. This permission must be documented in writing and must accompany the course note master when supplied to ATI. All materials included that are reproduced from other sources (i.e. from previously published work or the unpublished data from other researchers) must be given proper credit in the notes (author, title of publication, volume, publisher, year).

Before the course:

After the course: