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ATI's Certified Systems Engineering Professional Training course

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    Technical Training Short On Site Course Quote

      This six-course certificate program integrates the whole systems engineering process into a self-contained package. This program of courses will prepare the student to follow practical systems engineering practices that comply with INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook Version 3.1. The four core courses provide an engineer or manager with the knowledge needed to effectively apply systems engineering methods to any professional domain. All of the systems engineering courses are mapped to the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook Version 3.1 (the knowledge basis for questions on the Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) certification exam). Students are provided with a textbook and a CD containing document templates, descriptions about how to turn the templates into program documents (DIDs), and sample documents, as well as a complete set of presentation charts. The program provides the body of knowledge to pass the INCOSE CSEP exam. If a student who completes the program takes the exam and does not pass, the student can retake the necessary courses at no cost.

      A system engineer may select two electives from any field supported by ATI (including space and satellite systems; defense, missile, and radar; engineering analysis; signal processing; and undersea warfare). For the professional system engineer, these two electives can be other ATI systems engineering courses if they choose.

      A four-day summary course Total Systems Engineering Development and Management is also available providing an overview of systems engineering. This course is useful for functional and program managers, team leaders, and other personnel who need an improved awareness of the work performed by system engineers.


      Jeffrey O. Grady is the owner of JOG System Engineering, a system engineering consulting and training company. He has 30 years of industry experience in aerospace companies as a system engineer, engineering manager, field engineer, and project engineer in companies developing Atlas space transport systems, cruise missiles, air, ground, and shipboard launched unmanned aircraft employed in photo reconnaissance, EW, SIGINT, ELINT, weapon delivery, decoy and target missions, and surface and submarine installed ASW computing systems. He has also consulted with or provided system engineering training for companies or agencies in a wide range of fields including space transport, air traffic control, farming equipment, heavy construction equipment, locomotives, avionics equipment and software, and medical equipment. Jeff has authored nine published books in the system engineering field and holds a Master of Science in System Management from USC. He teaches system engineering courses nation-wide at universities as well as commercially on site at companies. Jeff is an INCOSE Founder, Fellow, and ESEP. He also served in the U.S. Marines.

      Mr. Eric Honour has been in international leadership of the engineering of systems for over a decade, part of a 40-year career of complex systems development and operation. His energetic and informative presentation style actively involves class participants. He is a former President of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE). He was selected in 2000 for Who’s Who in Science and Technology and in 2004 as an INCOSE Founder. He was elected an INCOSE Fellow (2010). He has been a systems engineer, engineering manager, and program manager at Harris, ESystems, and Link, and was a Navy pilot. He has contributed to the development of 17 major systems, including Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation, Battle Group Passive Horizon Extension System, and National Crime Information Center. BSSE (Systems Engineering) from US Naval Academy and MSEE from Naval Postgraduate School.

      Contact this instructor (please mention course name in the subject line)


    What You Will Learn:

    • How to architect an enterprise.
    • How to build an enterprise life cycle model.
    • How to link enterprise functionality to the functional department structure
    • How to coordinate tailored customer-preferred standards to your common process.
    • How to plan a program using WBS/SOW, USAF IMP/IMS, or the grand systems management method.
    • How to prepare a program to accomplish requirements analysis and specification publication using modeling as the basis for requirements derivation.
    • Perform modeling work using TSA, MSA, PSARE, OOA, UML, SysML, and DoDAF.
    • Manage requirements using margins, budgets, TPM, technology assessment, and time and budget estimating.
    • Interface development using schematic block and n-square diagrams.
    • How to plan, set up accomplish, and report the results of a trade study.
    • Prepare for and present an effective design review.
    • How to write verification requirements and use the results as the basis for item qualification verification, item acceptance verification, and system test and evaluation verification.

    Program Outline:

    1. Systems Engineering - Management (3 days)

    2. Systems Engineering - Requirements (3 days)

    3. Systems Engineering - Synthesis (3 days)

    4. Systems Engineering - Verification (3 days)

    5. Technology Specific Elective 1 (3 or 4 days)

    6. CSEP Preparation or Technology Specific Elective


      This course is not on the current schedule of open enrollment courses. If you are interested in attending this or another course as open enrollment, please contact us at (410) 956-8805 or at and indicate the course name and number of students who wish to participate. ATI typically schedules open enrollment courses with a lead time of 3-5 months. Group courses can be presented at your facility at any time. For on-site pricing, request an on-site quote. You may also call us at (410) 956-8805 or email us at