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Want to listen to a whale song LIVE? Tune in to Whale FM!

If you are interested in whales and would like to know more about them, now is your chance.  Citizen Scientist Alliance launched a new project named The Whale Song Project or Whale FM.

Via “Hokumoanalani” (Star of the Heavenly Ocean) hydrophone that was launched off the coast of Hawaii in 2005.  Now with a help of the radio system, transmitter and audio feed up to 100 citizen scientists can listen to various whale songs.

After listening to the whale call citizen scientists are asked to listen to a number of potential matching calls from the project’s database. If a match is found, the citizen scientist clicks on that sound’s spectrogram and the results are stored.

The data generated by this project should help scientists to answer a number of questions regarding whale communication. For example, researchers want to know the size of the pilot whales’ call repertoire and whether repertoire size is a sign of intelligence. In addition, researchers seek to understand whether the two different types of pilot whales—long fin and short fin—have different call repertoires, and, if so, whether this signifies a distinct dialect.

If you would like to listen to the whale songs here are some Tune-In Links:

iTunes or Winamp:

Real Player:

Windows Media Player:


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