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Free EMI Workshop- Prevent EMI Problems

Free Troubleshooting EMI workshop.
Identify, Characterize, and Prevent Electromagnetic Interference Problems

Hosted by Rohde & Schwarz

Join this highly focused free one-day seminar and learn how to uncover, characterize, and solve the most elusive EMI problems. Troubleshooting and localizing intermittent signals or multiple layers of broadband and narrowband signals can be frustrating even for the most seasoned EMC troubleshooter and RF engineer. We will discuss and demonstrate a number of test setups that can help the root causes of EMC test failures and then demonstrate how real-time analysis can literally make previously-hidden signals leap into plain view.
This seminar is intended for engineers and technicians involved in the development, troubleshooting, pre-compliance testing and certification of electronic products, systems and assemblies for EMC.

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Lee Hill is an industry expert in electromagnetic compatibility and founding partner of SILENT Solutions LLC, an EMC and RF design firm established in 1992. Lee provides EMC troubleshooting services, design reviews, and training to a wide variety of industries nationally and around the world. He earned his MSEE in electromagnetics from the Missouri University of Science and Technology EMC Laboratory.

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Tuesday, April 4 – New York, NY
Thursday, April 6 – Columbia, MD
Tuesday, April 18 – San Diego, CA
Thursday, April 20 – Milpitas, CA
Monday, May 22, – Dallas, TX