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Fun post on Deflategate with STEM applications

This is a fun article on measuring the bounce of under-and over- inflated footballs, basketballs and soccer balls. It can attract interest in STEM and applying the scientific method.

“The purpose of this article (Bouncing Back From “Deflategate” Bouncing Back From “Deflategate”) is to bring “Deflategate and the Physics of a Bouncing Ball” into the laboratory activities of high school and undergraduate introductory physics courses in a way that does not involve the ideal gas law.”

Read more here.

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STEM- The Latest Trend For Kids- Vote For Your Favorite Starter Kit

The latest trend in toys isn’t an app or a TV character, it’s STEM: aka, science, technology, engineering, and math. More companies are creating toys that improve these particular skill sets without boring children. Now is your chance to vote for the best STEM starter kit! Each week you can choose your favorite STEM Starters to move to the next round. Winners of each round (declared by the majority reader-vote) advance to the next round for future voting.

Vote here to support young scientists and engineers!

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NASA Can No Longer Afford Public Outreach

One of the most lasting memories of my husband’s childhood was his obsession with space. This is nothing new, really. Lots of kids like space. This shouldn’t be a surprise. The thing is, it may be common, but a love of space never feels common. On the contrary, it feels special and grand. Sure, there are millions of other people who share that love, maybe billions, but compared to the universe, that’s still a pretty exclusive club.
So is just being from Earth.
While he may have found out that space is one of the most fascinating things (or combination of things) ever on his own, the catalyst for this revelation in him was when his school was visited by an astronaut. He doesn’t even remember his name, but remembers him talking about going up on the shuttle, doing experiments you can’t do on Earth, how we can one day start exploring again.
Unfortunately, more kids will not have the same opportunity he did. Due to the Sequester, NASA is having to cut all of their public outreach. No more school visits and informational websites, no more videos, no more attempts to promote work in STEM fields. All gone in an instant.

How does this make you feel? Please comment below.