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Agile Project Management Certification Workshop (PMI-ACP)

You Need a Very Different Set of Tools to Manage Your IT Projects

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More than a Methodology Agile Project Management Embraces a Set of Principles

Prepare for your Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) certification while learning to lead Agile software projects that adapt to change, drive innovation and deliver on-time business value in this Agile PM training course Agile has made its way into the mainstream — it’s no longer a grassroots movement to change software development. Today, more organizations and companies are adopting this approach over a more traditional waterfall methodology, and more are working every day to make the transition. To stay relevant in the competitive, changing world of project management, it’s increasingly important that project management professionals can demonstrate true leadership ability on today’s software projects.

The Project Management Institute’s Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) certification clearly illustrates to colleagues, organizations or even potential employers that you’re ready and able to lead in this new age of product development, management and delivery. This class not only prepares you to lead your next Agile project effort, but ensures that you’re prepared to pass the PMI-ACP certification exam. Acquiring this certification now will make you one of the first software professionals to achieve this valuable industry designation from PMI.

Who Should Attend:

This Agile project management training course is designed for anyone who is considering the use of an Agile methodology for software development, including:

Project Managers, Analysts, Developers, Programmers, Testers

IT Managers/Directors, Software Engineers, Software Architects

Software Managers, Testing Managers, Team Leaders, Customers.

What You Will Learn:

• Embrace a model of continuous planning over simply following a plan

• Transform your Agile project management style from “command and control” to “empower and inspire” with your team

• Create a cadence for the team and eliminate process distractions for a dramatic boost in efficiency

• Establish credible and achievable estimates using Agile project management estimating techniques

• Communicate more transparently and reduce interruptions to your team

• Rapidly build trust with your customers through frequent and effective collaboration

Dates and Locations

For the dates and locations of this course, please see below:

5/2/2012-4/2012 Milwaukee, WI

5/9/2012-11/2012 Tampa, FL

5/9/2012-11/2012 Tampa, FL

5/22/2012-25/2012 VIRTUAL TRAINING

5/23/2012-25/2012 Columbia, MD

5/30/2012-1/2012 Raleigh, NC

6/6/2012-8/2012 Boston, MA

6/13/2012-15/2012 Washington, DC

6/18/2012-20/2012 Houston, TX

6/20/2012-22/2012 Denver, CO

6/27/2012-29/2012 Sacramento, CA

7/16/2012-18/2012 Baltimore, MD

7/18/2012-20/2012 St Louis, MO

7/24/2012-27/2012 VIRTUAL TRAINING

7/25/2012-27/2012 Oklahoma City, OK

7/25/2012-27/2012 Philadelphia, PA

7/30/2012-1/2012 Chicago, IL

8/6/2012-8/2012 Washington, DC

8/8/2012-10/2012 Kansas City, MO

8/20/2012-22/2012 Dallas, TX

8/27/2012-29/2012 Minneapolis, MN

8/29/2012-31/2012 Boston, MA

9/5/2012-7/2012 Vancouver, British Columbia

9/19/2012-21/2012 Toronto, Ontario

10/10/2012-12/2012 Calgary, Alberta

10/17/2012-19/2012 Toronto, Ontario

11/14/2012-16/2012 Toronto, Ontario

11/27/2012-29/2012 Vancouver British, Columbia

12/12/2012-14/2012 Toronto, Ontario

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Announcing ATI’s New Model Based Systems Engineering with OMG SysML

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Increased Productivity through Model-Based Systems Engineering Principles and Practices

This three day course is intended for practicing systems engineers who want to learn how to apply model-driven systems engineering practices using the UML Profile for Systems Engineering (OMG SysML™).You will apply systems engineering principles in developing a comprehensive model of a solution to the class problem, using modern systems engineering development tools and a development methodology tailored to OMG SysML™. The methodology begins with the presentation of a desired capability and leads you through the performance of activities and the creation of work products to support requirements definition, architecture description and system design. The methodology offers suggestions for how to transition to specialty engineering, with an emphasis on interfacing with software engineering activities. Use of a modeling tool is required. 

What You Will Learn:

• Identify and describe the use of all nine OMG SysML™ diagrams

• Follow a formal methodology to produce a system model in a modeling tool

• Model system behavior using an activity diagram

• Model system behavior using a state diagram

• Model system behavior using a sequence diagram

• Model requirements using a requirements diagram

• Model requirements using a use case diagram

• Model structure using block diagrams

• Allocate behavior to structure in a model

• Recognize parametrics and constraints and describe their usage

Each student will receive a lab manual describing how to create each diagram type in the selected tool, access to the Object-Oriented Systems Engineering Methodology (OOSEM) website and a complete set of lecture notes. You can add notes and more detail based on the in-class interaction. When the course is over you will receive a certificate of completion. Please visit our website for more valuable information.

About ATI and the Instructor

Our mission here at the Applied Technology Institute (ATI) is to provide expert training and the highest quality professional development in space, communications, defense, sonar, radar, and signal processing. We are not a one-size-fits-all educational facility. Our short classes include both introductory and advanced courses.

Since 1984, ATI has provided leading-edge public courses and onsite technical training to DoD and NASA personnel, as well as contractors. Whether you are a busy engineer, a technical expert or a project manager, you can enhance your understanding of complex systems in a short time. You will become aware of the basic vocabulary essential to interact meaningfully with your colleagues. If you or your team is in need of more technical training, then boost your career with the knowledge needed to provide better, faster, and cheaper solutions for sophisticated DoD and NASA systems.

ATI’s instructors are world-class experts who are the best in the business. They are carefully selected for their ability to clearly explain advanced technology.

J.D. Baker is a Software Systems Engineer with expertise in system design processes and methodologies that support Model-Based Systems Engineering. He has over 20 years of experience providing training and mentoring in software and system architecture, systems engineering, software development, iterative/agile development, object-oriented analysis and design, the Unified Modeling Language (UML), the UML Profile for Systems Engineering (SysML), use case driven requirements, and process improvement. He has participated in the development of UML, OMG SysML, and the UML Profile for DoDAF and MODAF. J.D. holds many industry certifications, including OMG Certified System Modeling Professional (OCSMP), OMG Certified UML Professional (OCUP), Sun Certified Java Programmer, and he holds certificates as an SEI Software Architecture Professional and ATAM Evaluator.

Date and Location

The date and location for this short course is:

May 22-24, 2012 in Columbia, MD

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For the dates and locations of all of our short courses, please access the links below.


The ATI Courses Team

P.S. Call today for registration at 410-956-8805 or 888-501-2100 or access our website at www.ATIcourses.com. For general questions please email us at ATI@ATIcourses.com


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