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You can make a difference. Applied Technology Institute is scheduling new courses for September 2016 through July 2017. Please let us know which courses you would like to see on our schedule or brought to your facility.

·         If you have a group of 3 or more people, ATI can schedule an open enrollment course in your geographic area.

·         If you have a group of 8 or more, ATI can schedule a course on-site at your facility.

On-site training brings our experts to you — on your schedule, at your location. It also allows us to plan your training in advance and tailor classes directly to your needs.

You can help identify courses to suit your training needs and bring the best short courses to you! ATI courses can help you stay up-to-date with today’s rapidly changing technology.

Boost your career. Courses are led by world-class design experts. Learn from the proven best.

ATI courses by technical area:

Satellites & Space-Related courses

Acoustic & Sonar Engineering courses

Engineering & Data Analysis courses

Radar, Missiles and Combat Systems courses

Project Management and Systems Engineering courses


Contact us: ATI@ATIcourses.com or (410) 956-8805

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Leading Sonar Experts Gather for New Scientific Training Course

Six sonar experts will gather in Newport, Rhode Island in June 1-4  to teach an innovative new course, Advanced Topics in Underwater Acoustics. This four-day course summarizes some of the “leading-edge” topics in underwater acoustics, providing an in-depth treatment of current topics of interest.  Focus areas are sound propagation in deep and shallow water, ambient noise, sonar arrays, sonar signal processing, active sonar technology, and marine mammals mitigation.                                                         
The instructors, who are well-known authorities in the field, each have 30 to 40 years of experience in underwater acoustics. Instructors include William Carey, Allan Pierce, Richard Evans, Edmund J. Sullivan, Bill Ellison and Peter G. Cable. Dr. William Carey and Dr. Allan D. Pierce are both professors of Mechanical Engineering at Boston University, and Associate Editor and Editor-in-Chief, respectively, of the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. Dr. Evans has conducted workshops that led to the standardization of Navy models for underwater sound propagation. Dr. Edmund J. Sullivan was a leading researcher at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center  and head of the Signal Processing Group at the SACLANT Undersea Research Centre. Dr. Sullivan has published numerous journal articles, 2 encyclopedia articles, 6 book chapters, and government reports covering the subjects of Underwater Acoustics, Signal Processing, and Electromagnetics.  Peter G. Cable was a Principal Scientist at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center  and BBN Technologies where he was engaged in acoustic signal processing and sonar system studies.
The course will be close to one of the Navy’s leading research centers, the Naval Undersea Warfare Center  in Newport, RI,  so that NUWC employees can take advantage of the training, while minimizing travel costs. 

ATI the leader in scientific and technical training since 1984, will be hosting the course. To register, contact, Applied Technology Institute at (888) 501-2100 or register online at www.ATIcourses.com.