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You decide – The Best Technical Training for You!



You can make a difference. Applied Technology Institute is scheduling new courses for September 2016 through July 2017. Please let us know which courses you would like to see on our schedule or brought to your facility.

·         If you have a group of 3 or more people, ATI can schedule an open enrollment course in your geographic area.

·         If you have a group of 8 or more, ATI can schedule a course on-site at your facility.

On-site training brings our experts to you — on your schedule, at your location. It also allows us to plan your training in advance and tailor classes directly to your needs.

You can help identify courses to suit your training needs and bring the best short courses to you! ATI courses can help you stay up-to-date with today’s rapidly changing technology.

Boost your career. Courses are led by world-class design experts. Learn from the proven best.

ATI courses by technical area:

Satellites & Space-Related courses

Acoustic & Sonar Engineering courses

Engineering & Data Analysis courses

Radar, Missiles and Combat Systems courses

Project Management and Systems Engineering courses


Contact us: ATI@ATIcourses.com or (410) 956-8805

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Mapping Project for Low Frequency Hum

ATI has discussed low frequency hum noise previously. There is now a project to map locations with reported hum noise using a Google World map.


Mapping Project for the HUM- A large group of concerned people and a couple of hard working organizers who want to get the bottom of the insidious Hum effecting tens of thousands (and those visitng this site) are asking you report your locations where the Hum is sensed. Please visit “thehum.info” and add your locations onto the Google map. If you experience difficulty let me know.
Thank you we need your help.


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Do sounds around you effect your mood?

Would you like to know how our everyday soundscapes make you feel – be it happy, excited, productive, sad, uncomfortable, stressed, etc?

Soon we all will be able to, thanks to a new exciting research project hosted by the University of Salford, UK called Sound Around You Project.

The man behind The Sounds Around You Map Project is Researcher Charlie Mydlarz.  He studies at  University of Salford’s Audio and Acoustic Engineering Research Centre, Manchester, UK. He has been building a sound map of the world to investigate how sounds in the everyday environment affect people.

The traditional method of sound surveying is to use trained professionals to go to a specific location to measure and assess a site using dedicated and expensive equipment. This project aims to enfranchise the public by providing them with the opportunity to play an active role in evaluating a soundscape by encouraging people to use their smart phones to record sound clips documenting their community soundscapes.  These are then uploaded to a virtual map along with a set of answers to questions about their selection

All you need to do is capture and tell Charlie about the sounds around you with our free mobile phone and pc software.

Participation is easy and fun and will help our research team discover ways to improve the design of our everyday environments.

You can watch this video for more explanation.

Introduction to Sound Around You from Martin Bryant on Vimeo.

To get involved visit  www.soundaroundyou.com

You might also be interested in  Acoustics, Noise and Sonar Engineering technical training courses offered by ATI.  To view a full list of courses please visit our website.

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