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Space Exploration. Where to next: Moon, Mars or Alpha Centauri?

There is a lot of debate on what should be the next step in space exploration.  Some suggest that we should go back to the Moon since 1969 moonshot resulted in a multitude of discoveries and inventions from simple tennis shoes to Teflon.  Yet others insist that Mars should be our next destination  and argue that it is the closest planet to us and should be explored thoroughly considering the dwindling natural resources.

Yet, ATI instructor and the founder of The Tau Zero Foundation, Dr. Marc Millis, insists that we should strive to develop new technologies that will allow the humanity to travel outside our solar system.   This is a complex task that will involve anti matter, artificial gravity and hibernation.

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Dr. Millis teaches the following ATI courses:

Managing Disruptive Research

Frontiers Of Propulsion Science

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