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Baseball Predictions and Home-Team Hopes

Friends lucky enough to attend game 1 of the 2017 World Series at Dodgers Stadium.

Last year, my colleague, Lisa Badart, wrote a post about the pride for her favorite team, the Chicago Cubs, winning the World Series. I commented on her post that I had predicted this win.

It’s important to note that, although I adore baseball, I am not particularly known to closely follow rosters, statistics, and standings to consistently make accurate predictions as to those teams who make it all the way to the World Series — let alone win the event.

However, on August 14th of this year, I wrote a text message to a friend that read, “My prediction for the World Series 2017, although it’s still early: Dodgers vs. Astros.” As a Los Angeles native, there is no doubt that my hope — based on their outstanding record — was that the Dodgers would play in the series.

Here we are today: game 2 ended last night in the 11th inning with the Astros winning the game and the series tied 1-1. Both games 1 and 2 were exhilarating and a number of my friends in L.A. were fortunate to attend and share the excitement with me through sounds and images.

We are all saddened by what occurred in Houston this year and I do wish the Astros the best. Nonetheless, I cannot deny that I would love to see the L.A. Dodgers win the series. Go Dodgers!

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