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Elon Musk in SpaceX in Hawthorne, California, seems to become enamored by a new grandiose idea every week or so. And this week was no exception. This time he and his well-heeled colleagues are trying to find a way to serve the 3 billion earthlings hunkering down at scattered locations around the globe lacking service by modern cellphones or conventional telephones.

The solution? Launch a giant swarm of broadband communication satellites into low-altitude circular orbits flying in a tight formation with one another as they circle around the globe. It is called OneWeb.

300-pound satellites are to be launched into 18 orbit planes with 40 satellites following one another in single file around each plane. Ku-band transmitters will provide satellite-based cellphone services to remote and underserved users everywhere in the world. Mass production techniques and the economies of scale should help keep the cost of each individual satellite in the $500,000 range. Recently the OneWeb satellites passed their preliminary design review at the famous satellite design center in Toulouse, France. OneWeb’s total network cost, including a widely dispersed network of gateway Earth stations, is expected to come in at about $3.5 billion, provided the cost-conscious satellite-makers in Exploration Park, Florida, can come in within their target budget. Company spokesmen ha ve indicated that, so far, their team members are on schedule and within 5% of their estimated costs.

About 15-percent of the $3.5 billion has been raised and has been funding about 300 full-time experts. Present schedules call for initial money-raising services to being in 2019. Some industry experts have been calling the concept the O3b “other three billion”, for the three billion widely distributed individuals unserved by mobile or hard-wired telephones.

Elon Musk is famous for turning wild ideas into practical reality and squeezed out impressive profits along the way. Many of his ideas have been floating around for some time when he decides to take a shot at turning them into reality. An earlier version of OneWeb was touted by Edward Tucks in the 1970’s. It was called Teledesic.

The Teledesic concept sprang to life because Tucks read that “40 million people (were) on the waiting list for telephone services around the world.” He quietly sketched up the plans for an 840-satellite constellation of communication satellites flitting through space in 435-mile orbits.

Launch costs were a big barrier then. But Elon Musk can now put a big dent in that problem with his surprisingly inexpensive Falcon boosters.

Tom Logsdon, the author of this blog teaches short courses for the Applied Technology Institute in Riva, Maryland. He will be discussing, in detail, the rapidly evolving OneWeb plans as they are springing from the drawing boards in the following short courses:

The author of this article, Tom Logsdon, teaches short courses, on a regular basis, for the Applied Technology Institute in Riva, Maryland. Here is his upcoming schedule of courses:

GPS and International Competitors Dec 5-8, 2016 Colorado Springs, CO
GPS and International Competitors Apr 17-20, 2017 Columbia,MD
Orbital & Launch Mechanics – Fundamentals Jan 23-26, 2017 Albuquerque, NM
Orbital & Launch Mechanics – Fundamentals Feb 28-Mar 3, 2017 Columbia, MD

Click here for further information: ATIcourses, Tom Logsdon

Memorial Day 2016 Tribute – John McCain recounts fellow POWs’ astounding bravery in Vietnam

Applied Technology Institute (ATIcourses or ATI) is proud to support the US Defense Forces, with strong personal and corporate ties to the US Navy. This 1 1/2 minute video Memorial Day 2016 Tribute is worth viewing to remind us all of the sacrifices made to defend our freedom and way of life.


ATI “Trained Rocket Scientist” mugs are a part of fond family memories

Students taking courses through Applied Technology Institute (ATIcourses) receive mugs with the clever slogan “Trained Rocket Scientist.”  This may be a very small perk for most students, but a family recently shared how these mugs have become a fond memory.

Josie Cullina sent in what she termed an “odd” request to ATI recently.  Josie wanted to buy some “Trained Rocket Scientist” mugs.  Her husband, Jeffrey Cullina, had taken various classes here at ATI over the years and had a few of those mugs which the family used on a daily basis.  Sadly, after battling brain cancer for seven years, Jeffrey Cullina passed away two years ago.  The “Trained Rocket Scientist” mugs have worn from use and Josie realized how important they had become to her and her family.  “I just have some fond memories and the kids get a kick out of them for cocoa as well. It’s the little things…”

ATI is proud to be a part of this special family memory and offers our most sincere condolences to the Cullina family for their loss.

To find out more about Jeff and Josie’s story visit: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/jeffreycullina

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Tribute to Dick Wiley (1937 – 2014) – A Expert Instructor, Colleague and Friend

The tribute below was written by Jim Jenkins, founder and president of  ATIcourses.
Dr. Richard (Dick)Wiley passed away February 2, 2015 in Singapore.  He was in Singapore doing what he was passionate about – teaching a class on electronic warfare.  Dick taught ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) and Electronic Warfare courses for Applied Technology Institute (ATIcourses) for more than 10 years and for the Association of Old Crows. He was a friend and colleague. He will be sorely missed by all.
Dr. Wiley was a co-founder, Vice President, and Chief Scientist of Research Associates of Syracuse (RAS) prior to his recent retirement.  Before RAS, he had been employed by Syracuse Research Corporation and Microwave Systems, Incorporated. Dr. Wiley also was a First Lieutenant with the US Army Security Agency Special Projects Unit.  During his distinguished career, he contributed to a number of national intelligence and electronic warfare efforts, and he was the author of five books and more than twenty papers on the subject.  He was active in electronic warfare research, most recently in LPI detection and enhanced de-interleaving techniques.  He was elected an IEEE Fellow “for contributions to radar signal interception and analysis.”   Dr. Wiley had over 40 years of experience in ELINT/EW, specializing in signal analysis and receivers.  Dr. Wiley was active with the Association of Old Crows and frequently presented training courses to varied audiences.  He held a BS/MSEE degree from Carnegie-Mellon University and a Ph.D. from Syracuse University.

More information about his life and family can be found at http://obits.syracuse.com/obituaries/syracuse/obituary.aspx?pid=174079217


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Sequestration and the real world

The Washington Post had an article on June 30, 2013 titled “They said the sequester would be scary.  Mostly, they were wrong.”  It said the effects were largely mitigated by political means and methods after all.


I just want to say that for us at ATI, the predictions of large cutbacks are mostly correct.  It has had a tremendously adverse effect with attendance at public courses down more than 40 %  People either do not have money for travel and/ or they do not have money for training.  Both training and travel are the first to be cut in a tight budget.  The story that best illustrates this came to me from a gentleman who, along with his colleague, had registered –and paid- to attend one of our courses last winter.  In the eleventh hour they had to withdraw as travel funding was no longer permitted.


I contacted him when the course was next being held to find out if they might be able to attend this time and the answer was “no”.  He elaborated, “They’ve even stopped cutting the grass (knee high is some places) and our restrooms only get cleaned twice a week.  Sequestration is hurting us badly.”


To this I responded, “Holy cow! Knee high grass.”


He came back with, “We could use a few cows.”


Please feel free to share your Sequestration story.

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China’s anti-satellite weapon a ‘trump card’ against US’

ATIcourses has many courses related to Space, Satellites, GPS and Satellite Communications. We think the the news below could be of interest to our visitors.

Amid reports that China is gearing up to conduct one more anti-satellite weapons test (ASAT) putting US Global Positioning System (GPS) at risk, Chinese state media today asserted that Beijing had the right to carry out the test as it is a “trump card” against Washington.


China may be gearing up to perform a controversial ASAT test this month, perhaps in the next week or two, US media report said.

“In 2007 and 2010, China conducted anti-satellite (ASAT) weapons tests, both on January 11. Rumours circulating for the past few months suggest that some within the US defence and intelligence community believe China is preparing to conduct another ASAT test,” Union of Concerned Scientists, a Cambridge-based body of scientists reported.

China’s previous tests caused concern in India too with assertions by the Indian defence officials that New Delhi also should acquire such a capability.

Read more here.


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ATICourses Announces A New Course: Fundamentals Of Understanding Space

New ATI Course Bolsters President’s Anticipated Robust Funding of Human Space Flight Program

The Applied Technology Institute (ATIcourses.com) has introduced a new two-day short-course, Understanding Space  scheduled September 28-29 in Beltsville, MD and October 22-23 in Albuquerque, NM. The timely new course will facilitate training for aerospace professionals to support the significant growth expected in the industry.

Last month, Next Step in Space Coalition announced that President Obama’s Review of U.S. Human Space Flight Plans Committee will be recommending an appropriation of 2.5 billion in funding over four years starting in FY2011 to support development of commercial human space transport and capabilities. The review panel’s announcement echoes a declaration earlier in August by NASA that they will invest $50 million of Recovery Act funds to develop a commercial crew program. The funding of these programs is projected to greatly bolster engineering, analysis, design and research jobs.

Tom Logsdon is a top industry expert, author of 29 non-fiction books, and instructor for Understanding Space. He specifically designed the course to provide today’s busy professionals with all the skills they will need to assure themselves a bright, shining future serving tomorrow’s satellites and the astronauts living and working along the space frontier. Examining the status quo, he finds it,  “…rather amazing that our country, the world’s preeminent space power, is currently forced to rely on Russian rockets to carry our American astronauts up to the International Space Station; so I was delighted to read that President Obama’s review panel is so strongly focused on developing new and improved American rockets to supply the station in future years.”  His recent article, Striking it Rich in Space, reflects back on Space Industrialist Expert, Art Dula’s 1980’s prediction – so vehemently criticized at the time – of massive space industry growth in the beginning of the twenty-first century.

Logsdon has long advocated inexpensive access to space, remarking in a recent interview, “ I help my students find clever new ways to gain access to space.  My approach includes conventional chemical rockets with more pizzazz as well as practical alternatives to chemical rockets.”  He tells his students, “There is nothing wrong with the space program that the elimination of chemical rockets won’t cure.”

 The Applied Technology Institute (ATI) specializes in professional development seminars in the technical areas of space, communications, defense, sonar, radar, and signal processing. For over twenty-five years, ATI has presented leading-edge technical training to defense and NASA facilities, as well as DOD and aerospace contractors. Their courses provide a clear understanding of the fundamental principles and a working knowledge of current technology and applications. ATI has the unique capability to schedule and deliver courses in a matter of weeks. They  provide customized on-site training at your facility anywhere in the United States as well as internationally and offer over 200 annual public courses in dozens of locations. World-class design experts lead courses.  To register for a course or request an on-site quote, call (410) 956-8805 or (888) 501-2100 or visit  http://www.aticourses.com/