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Do You Know Radar? We KNOW Radar!

ATI Offers both Fundamental and Advanced Radar Short Courses

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The modern uses of radar are highly diverse, including air traffic control, radar astronomy, air-defense systems, antimissile systems; nautical radars to locate landmarks and other ships; aircraft anti-collision systems; ocean-surveillance systems, outer-space surveillance and rendezvous systems; meteorological precipitation monitoring; altimetry and flight-control systems; guided-missile target-locating systems; and ground-penetrating radar geological observations
From phased array radar, to an airborne radar altimeter, to space tracking radar, to space-based radar, newer capabilities are being continuously pursued in our fast-moving field.

Have you keep up with developments in improved signal processing or how the versatility of the phased array antenna has made such an impact?

Are you aware of the latest advances in the following radar technologies:

• Radar data processing?

• Auto-detection?

• Improved auto-tracking?

• Ground Target Moving Indictor (GMTI) radars?

If not, we can help. The Applied Technology Institute (ATI) provides leading-edge public courses and onsite technical training to DoD and NASA personnel, as well as contractors. We are not a one-size-fits-all educational facility.

You or your team must face the challenges of tomorrow with an arsenal of proven methods and tools that you know or learn today. Whether you are a busy radar engineer, a technical subject matter expert or a project manager, by taking one of our short classes, you can enhance your understanding of complex radar systems in a little amount of time. You will also become aware of the technical vocabulary essential to interact meaningfully with your colleagues.

You want to keep current, but how?

How many of the following situations apply to you?

• Don’t have time for a full semester course

• The “nearby campus” all the way across town

• Your educational needs are “Advanced Topics in Digital Signal Processing”, not”Introduction to Business”

• You count decibels (dBs) more often than dollars ($)

• The sonar equation more familiar to you than one for amortized interest rates?

• You speak radar, not legalese

• You think satellites are sexy and not Lady Gaga

If one or more of situations apply to you or you are just in need of more technical training, then boost your career with the knowledge needed to provide better, faster, and cheaper solutions for sophisticated DoD and NASA radar systems.

Why not take a short course instead? ATI short courses are less than a week long and are designed to help you keep your professional knowledge up-to-date. Our courses provide a practical overview of space and defense technologies which provide a strong foundation for understanding the issues that must be confronted in the use, regulation and development of complex systems.

Course Outline, Samplers, and Notes

The radar short courses below are designed for individuals involved in planning, designing, building, and operating space and defense radar systems.


These courses cover the basics of radar, taught in a manner for true understanding of the fundamentals, even for the complete newcomer. Also covered are electromagnetic waves, frequency bands, the natural phenomena of scattering and propagation, radar performance calculations and other tools used in radar work, and a “walk through” the four principal subsystems – the transmitter, the antenna, the receiver and signal processor.

If you are new to the radar scene, take one of our fundamentals courses from the list below:

Radar 101 – Fundamentals of Radar (One day course for non-specialists)

Fundamentals of Radar Technology

Advances in Modern Radar (supplement to Radar 101)

ATI’s Fundamentals of Airborne Radar


If you are a radar veteran and see the radar equation in your sleep, then you might want to take one of our more advanced courses. Diverse issues such as transmitter stability, antenna pattern, clutter, jamming, propagation, target cross section, dynamic range, receiver noise, receiver architecture, waveforms, processing, synthetic aperture radar (SAR), target detection are treated in detail within the unifying context of the radar range equation.

The advanced courses below are designed for those who have already taken a basic radar class and/or have working experience with radar systems: 

Advanced Developments in Radar

Radar and Electronic WarfareTest

Radar Systems Analysis & Design using MATLAB Radar Signal Analysis and Processing using MATLAB


Below are a still few more short courses for the truly hardcore radar guru:

Phased Array Radar

Propagation Effects for Radar & Communications Systems

Radar Systems Design & Engineering course

Determine for yourself the value of our courses before you sign up. See our samples (See Slide Samples) on some of our courses.

Or check out the new ATI channel on YouTube.

After attending the course you will receive a full set of detailed notes from the class for future reference, as well as a certificate of completion. Please visit our website for more valuable information.

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