Video – USS South Dakota SSN 790 will join the U.S. Navy submarine force in February 2019

Take a Tour of America’s Newest Nuclear Submarine Virginia class
USS South Dakota SSN 790 will join the U.S. Navy submarine force in February 2019

Overall Length: 377 ft
Extreme Beam: 33 ft
Max Navigational Draft: 32 ft
Full Displacement: 7800 tons

Hull Material: Steel hull, steel superstructure.
No. of Propellers: 1
Propulsion Type: Steam Turbine (Nuclear)
Accommodations: Officers: 15
Enlisted: 117
Total 132 people onbord
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Also see ATI’s submarines course.

This three-day course is designed for engineers in the field of submarine R&D and Operational Test and Evaluation. It is an introductory course presenting the fundamental philosophy of submarine design, submerged operation and combat system employment as they are managed by a battle-tested submarine organization that all-in-all make a US submarine a very cost-effective warship at sea—and under it.

Today’s US submarine tasking is discussed in consonance with the strategy and policy of the US, and the goals, objectives, mission, functions, tasks, responsibilities, and roles of the US Navy as they are so funded. Submarine warfare is analyzed referencing some calculations for a Benefits-to-Cost analysis, in that, Submarines Sink Ships!

From this course you will gain a better understanding of submarine warships being stealth-oriented, cost-effective combat systems at sea. Those who have worked with specific submarine sub-systems will find that this course will clarify the rationale and essence of their interface with one another. Attendees will receive copies of the presentation along with some relevant white papers.

What You Will Learn
Differences in submarine types (SSN/SSBN/ SSGN)
Submarine onboard organization and day to day operations
Basic Fundamentals of submarine systems and sensors
Submarine Mission profiles
Basics of Submarine Warfare tactical and operational control
How submarines support national military objectives
Makeup and function of the Submarine Support Enterprise
How the sea impacts submarine operations
Submarine Maintenance Cycles – Supporting the Tip of the Spear

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