Army Chief of Staff Orders a Review of EW Shortfalls


Breaking Defense reports that “Army Chief of Staff Mark Milley, has ordered a review of service’s longstanding shortfalls in electronic warfare, officers told me in an exclusive interview. The ultimate goal: give commanders from platoon to corps the ability to shut down enemy radio and radar as readily as they now call in airstrikes and artillery. It’s a critical part of the Army’s plan to hit future enemies from all possible angles at once, a concept called Multi-Domain Battle.”

Col. Mark Dotson noted that an already apparent issue is the problem that the Army’s current plan to rebuild EW “focuses on combat brigades and neglects higher-level formations, like divisions and corps.”

Col. Chris Walls, a cyber/EW expert on the Army staff, notes that the Army wishes to do the same with the invisible artillery of electronic and cyber warfare that it did, since World War II, “when [they had] mortars, artillery, rockets, attack aviation if I had it, all firing at the target at the same time… to force them to face multiple dilemmas simultaneously.”

ATI offers a variety of EW and EW-related courses, some of which are offered at the end of September 2017. These include:

ELINT Interception and Analysis
September 11–14 2017 in Dayton, OH

Rockets and Launch Vehicles: Selection and Design
September 18–21 2017 in Columbia, MD

C4ISR Requirements, Principles, and Systems
September 19–21 2017 in Columbia, MD

Electronic Warfare Against the New Threat Environment
November 13–16 in Columbia, MD

Radar Systems Fundamentals
November 14–16 in Columbia, MD

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