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466590main_07-2010_soc-img2On May 23rd, the Qatari News Agency (QNA) was hacked, initiating a political fallout. It is believed, by the U.S. intelligence community, that Russia may have been responsible. The hack centered around the creation and broadcast of a fake video that wrongly indicated Qatar leader’s allegiance with movements such as Hamas and Hezbollah, establishing a narrative across the Middle East.
The Applied Technology Institute (ATI) offers a Cyber Leader Course (CLC), which provides cyber leaders with the information they need to understand the Cyber Security landscape. The course exercises provide an opportunity to understand how an attacker gains access and moves around a network. Cyber leaders learn that once an attacker gains access to a network, they can change information, such as web pages, user accounts, passwords and log files.
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Upcoming course dates include:
  • September 6–7 2017 and
  • October 1–2 2017
Both courses are held in Hanover, MD.

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