Amazing Video of the Planning and Work for B-29 Bombing of Japan during WW II.

This is an amazing video for World War II. The Academy Award-nominated documentary, which shows the 21st Bombing Command and its role in the B-29 bombing of Japan. This film is about 35 minutes long.  To think of 600 B-29s all taking off from 3 locations and coordinating to bomb Japan at one time to fly 3000 miles is beyond imagination.

Look at the planning and control without the computers and GPS of today. This is worth viewing for anyone working in military research and planning.

The P-51 fighter  & B29 bomber footage is remarkable. We all owe a great debt of gratitude to the Greatest Generation.

This was recently posted by USNA-At-Large group and is worth viewing. The group is a good source of Navy- and Defense- related information.

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