Eric Clapton, Tom Logsdon, & the Kitchen Stove: A Tiny Tale of Creativity & Innovation

Last week when a customer had questions I talked with Tom Logsdon about the 6 methods of training used in his

Creativity & Innovation course. The six methods are spelled out in his book Six Simple Creative Solutions that

Shook the World. Tom is a mathematician and rocket scientist by training (and he teaches courses on GPS and

Orbital & Launch Mechanics in his spare time) who teaches creativity paired with discipline.

Yesterday, my husband called to alert me to a minor crisis at home. Our 2 year old gas stove, both burners and

oven, had ceased to heat. It was fine at breakfast and not at lunch. Although fueled by gas it has electric igniters.

During the phone call we took a scientific approach.

Six Simple Creative Solutions that Shook the World #1: Break your problem apart & put it back together:

we concluded that since the burners could be started with a lighter that the problem was not in the gas

feed. Additionally, the digital clock didn’t work. Everything pointed to something electric. However, the

circuit breaker was fine.

Later, when I came home we pulled the stove out and

6SCStStW #2: Take a fresh look at the interfaces. The electric connection appeared secure on both ends

and it didn’t work with an alternate outlet.

By this time -in a too-crowded kitchen with a malfunctioning appliance- the (wall) clock was ticking, no food was

being prepared and my husband and mother were chomping at the bit. I reached for the iPod, plugged it in to the

speaker and turned on some vintage Eric Clapton Unplugged….and nothing…..happened. Zero sound. Then the

Eureka moment occurred! Or

6SCStStW #6. Happy Serendipity. Believe me, I needed those mellow acoustic notes. That is when I

realized that the outlet circuit had tripped. I hit the reset button and Voila! Eric Clapton strummed the

guitar and Chuck Leavell dazzled on the piano.

Electricity was restored to the stove and dinner was prepared and served. Thank you Tom Logsdon & Eric Clapton!

Note: Tom Logsdon’s Creativity & Innovation course is available for training at your facility.

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