USS Normandy Sails On Around-The-World Journey

Applied Technology Institute (ATICourses) offers a variety of courses on Radar, Missiles & Combat Systems.  We thinks the news below will be of interest to our readers.

USS Normandy- one of the crown jewels of the Atlantic fleet set off on around-the-world journey out of Norfolk, VA on March 14, 2015.  USS Normandy (CG-60) is a Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser in the service of the United States Navy. Armed with naval guns and anti-air, anti-surface, and anti-submarine missiles, plus other weapons, she is equipped for surface-to-air, surface-to-surface, and anti-submarine warfare.

The cruiser was the first US warship since 1945 to go to war on her maiden cruise and in 1998 she was awarded the title “Most Tomahawks shot by a U.S. Navy Cruiser”. She is named for the World War II Battle of Normandy, France, on and following D-Day.

The crew is fairly new and most haven’t been deployed before.  However, they have been put through hundreds of hours of testing and aced UNSURV inspection.  The armament of this ship is truly impressive, including:

2 × 61 cell Mk 41 vertical launch systems containing

8 × RGM-84 Harpoon missiles
2 × Mk 45 Mod 2 5-in/54-callightweight gun
2 × 25 mm Mk 38 gun
2–4 × .50 cal (12.7 mm) gun
2 × Phalanx CIWS Block 1B

2 × Mk 32 12.75-in (324 mm) triple torpedo tubes for lightweight torpedoes

The deployment will be hard on the families but we are sure that the crew will fulfill their mission with distinction.


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