ATI “Trained Rocket Scientist” mugs are a part of fond family memories

Students taking courses through Applied Technology Institute (ATIcourses) receive mugs with the clever slogan “Trained Rocket Scientist.”  This may be a very small perk for most students, but a family recently shared how these mugs have become a fond memory.

Josie Cullina sent in what she termed an “odd” request to ATI recently.  Josie wanted to buy some “Trained Rocket Scientist” mugs.  Her husband, Jeffrey Cullina, had taken various classes here at ATI over the years and had a few of those mugs which the family used on a daily basis.  Sadly, after battling brain cancer for seven years, Jeffrey Cullina passed away two years ago.  The “Trained Rocket Scientist” mugs have worn from use and Josie realized how important they had become to her and her family.  “I just have some fond memories and the kids get a kick out of them for cocoa as well. It’s the little things…”

ATI is proud to be a part of this special family memory and offers our most sincere condolences to the Cullina family for their loss.

To find out more about Jeff and Josie’s story visit:

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