This Story About The Islamic State Of Iraq ISIS, Or ISIL, Is Chilling And Worth Reading

This group will only be stopped by concerted, persistent military actions.

Posted by Jim Jenkins ( on 8/16/2014


I follow the newsletter of the Israel Homeland Security. They often have news about developments in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (also known as UAVs or UASs or drones).

I found their story about the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL or ISIS as chilling. The United States needs to take strong action before this group exports its terror worldwide.

Why ISIL Is Worse Than Other Terrorist Groups

This is a 86/2014 CNN story. The videos released by ISIS are appalling.

Yazidi men killed, women abducted


ISIS fighters swept into a Yazidi village in northern Iraq on Friday, killing at least 80 men and taking more than 100 women captive, officials told CNN. One Yazidi leader put the death toll much higher.

The report of the brutal attack on the village of Kojo comes a day after U.S. President Barack Obama — citing the success of targeted American airstrikes — declared an end to an ISIS siege that had trapped tens of thousands of Yazidis in mountains.


A Yazidi leader, Mirza Dinnayi, told British broadcaster Channel Four News that more than 350 men were killed and 1,000 women and children kidnapped during the raid. CNN cannot independently verify the death toll from the ISIS attack.


Fighters with ISIS attacked Kojo after surrounding it for days, a Kurdish regional government official and a Yazidi religious leader said. The women abducted from the village were being taken to the ISIS-controlled northern cities of Mosul and Tal Afar, the official said.


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