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Captain Buddy Wellborn, N* ’59. (ATIcourses Instructor) is a great fan of navy Football and a former Navy football player. He has offered to write news articles about Navy football and generate summaries of each game. We will post them on our blog.


No Cell Phones
By Bill Wagner

Navy football captains Ricky Dobbs and Wyatt Middleton have come up with a symbolic way for the entire team to show solidarity as the 2010 season gets underway. Dobbs asked every member of the team to turn in their cell phone for the initial three days of preseason camp. All complied and the cell phones will be returned following the Saturday practice.

“I had an idea over the summer that I thought would embody the sacrifice that is necessary to success and involved giving up something in order to develop a close environment,” Dobbs explained.

“Those first three days are a lot of learning. Everyone turned in their phones this morning. It’s supposed to make us depend on each other more as opposed to calling a family member or someone we’re used to getting comfort from. Now we’ll have to lean on our roommate or teammate.”

Defensive captain Wyatt Middleton liked the idea and wanted to take it a step further. Navy football players have military responsibilities within Bancroft Hall and their respective companies along with academic responsibilities. When the players venture over to Ricketts Hall, it’s all about football. Therefore, Middleton felt it made no sense for players to bring their cell phones to the building in which football should be the sole focus.

“Ricketts is where we get the job done. Once we get our phones back, we’re going to leave them in the dorm. Whenever we come over to Ricketts, it’s about working on football. That’s all we’re going to focus on,” he said.

His Biography
Buddy Wellborn is a native Texan and graduated from USNA with the
Class of 1959 winning the Thompson Trophy for Athletics.
For all three of his varsity years, he played on Navy football teams with
winning seasons: 1956 (6-1-2); 1957 (9-1-1); and, 1958 (6-3). He was on
the Navy’s 1956 team that beat Notre Dame (and Heisman Trophy winner
Paul Hornung) 33-7 in Baltimore, and then the next year he was AP’s Back
of the Week for scoring all three touchdowns in Navy’s victory over Notre
Dame in South Bend. He shared the rushing honors for the Navy team that
shutout Army (Anderson and Dawkins) 14-0 in 1957, and then beat Rice
20-7 for the Cotton Bowl Championship in 1958. The next season he
scored the winning touchdown in Navy’s 20-14 victory over Michigan in
the “Big House.”

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