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The issue of home low frequency hum is discussed on several blogs. I did some searches om Home Hum Noise RE: House is humming, literally * Posted by kevin2009 (My Page) on Fri, May 1, 09 at 18:22 Have had exactly the same problem. Problem so bad its been giving neighbours headaches-sleep pattern deprivation etc etc. A low resonant humming getting stronger at night etc etc. Not caused by traffic,electricity etc. Humming caused by water pipe vibrations causing all sorts of low frequency bass like wooing noises. Have found the problem tonight – pressure variance in water mains pressures.Too much pressure causes pipes to hum. Possible causes – pumping station pressures too high – pressure reducing valves malfunctioning – mains pipes causing transient noise due to a “Dead end” section of the mains pipe. Symptoms that can be checked – when the hum is at its loudest turn one of your taps on – the hum may reduce if the pressure lessens in the mains supplying the house – have you noticed any high flow/pressure rates from your taps? Not certain but a loss of water pressure may have similar properties also. This is definitely high time to contact plumbing service company like THA Heating, Air, and Plumbing Inc. If in doubt get your water utility company to do a flow/pressure check on the mains /in your house etc. The turning tap on trick will only work if its sufficient to reduce the mains pressure – if not try to get neighbours etc to turn theirs on at the same time etc. I live in england in wales in Newport. I will now update my posts when the utility company is made aware of the cause of my problem and tells me how they are going to fix it. This is a problem with humming that for me has been caused by mains water supply pressure problem – not necessarily your problem. There are many on call plumber in Fairfield with whom you can get in touch with to fix the damages that are caused to your plumbing infrastracture. 

Simply turning the stop cock to your house off is not enough – the problems still there because the pipes are still singing to the pressure problem. Hope this helps somebody. RE: House is humming, literally * Posted by peachiepie (My Page) on Tue, Jun 23, 09 at 17:31 Wow, I do not believe that so many people has the problem I have been having for three years. I am amazed when someone suggests tinnitus. I have explained I hear humming, not ringing. It is a sound and not a noise. Mine sounds like a low hum of a refrigerator or a motor lowly idling. I have had plumber, water, gas, power, and anybody else you can imagine here in my house in Georgia. This is a 1970s house and the hum began about two weeks after having a new water heater installed. The pressure was too high and the plumber  came in and corrected it. Two weeks later, the hum began. I don’t get a complete night’s sleep at all. What little sleep I get comes from le4aving the tv on late and then turning the radio on. Now, I can run the attic fan all night so I don’t have to hear it. Some people have heard it and others haven’t. I stopped mentioning it for fear people thought I was losing my great mind-lol. People still ask me time to time if I still hear it. I tell them yes. When the power is out, it’s just me and the hum. Drives me nuts. It is 24/7, never stops and in every room of my house. You can’t escape it. I had a client in my office and he asked, “what is that”. I said, oh you hear that. He said yes, what is it. I said, I wish I knew. There are a couple of things here that’s given me some hope. I will try the water trick, though I believe one of those professional plumbing contractors in the Oakland County area did all of thesse things. I will have the telephone company come out to check the lines. Everything else, I believe I have done. Good luck to all of us living with this in all areas of the country. Peachie

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  1. I recall that in an earlier post I mentioned the changing out of the water heater but the humming continued….it was explained to me that it took a bit of time for the new water heater to handle the problem from the old water heater….which seems to be the case…once again I can only say the sound has been gone for awhile and if it returns I will be very very very very dismayed/sad/miserable indeed!

    1. Site seemed off line for a month. Glad to see it’s back up to me. Naette, we in W CT have had about a week of relief. Started to ramp back up first few days of June, and continues to worsen. Hopefully you escape it’s return.

  2. Am hesitant to state the noise has stopped and the solution was to have an approx. only 3 year old water heater changed out….however the older water heater was one with some type of auxillary tank – which evidently is somehow always on the alert for when more hot water is needed which accounts for the almost constant humming……hopefully the miserable humming is actually gone forever and I have not hexed myself by stating it has disappeared!

  3. Just to clarify concerning my 1st post-planes aren’t flying on top of my house, I’m not that close to the airport. This humming is all over my house and my body feels saturated by it, there is no escaping it, except to leave.

    1. Depends where you are in Jackson Cty, but the pipeline theory holds for you. I suggest you checkout the yahoo Hum forum and particpate. 2007, 2008 looks like major gas line expansions there. We have the same HUM and vibrotactical sensations on bodyparts. Constant pressure on the ear. Our pet was on prozazc when this all started, coyotes left the area.

  4. 3:20 am and I’m going mad from the humming-it’s a cold spring night and the sound is at the level it was during the winter. My ear hairs are even vibrating. I live in Kansas City, MO north of downtown, close to airport in a newly developing area. The sound started November 2010, woke me from a dead sleep in the middle of the night and I haven’t had a peaceful moment since. I am interested I’m much that I have read here but I don’t feel hopeful at this will be solved…I’ll keep watching and reading.

  5. I too have been hearing the “Hum” and have just started to investigate, leaving a few comments here and there where others are mentioning it. I live along Lake Ontario in Ajax, Ontario, not far from Toronto.

    Started noticing the hum in the middle of the night a few months ago. It sounded like a car idling…ALL NIGHT yet you can’t hear it outside. I am in a townhouse, an end unit. The neighbours do not have anything that could make this sound, (e;g; fan etc) Most of them have not heard it. It isn’t some ear problem. This is definitely a real sound….Lived here for 10 years, never noticed this before.

    I can’t hear it in the walls either. Turned off the toilets and water supply and electrical panels on various different occasions to see if it’s plumbing or electrical but the sound continues through all of my tests. It sounds like the noise is coming through a tube at times. This leads me to think it’s plumbing and yet…why can’t I hear it near any pipes? Almost sounds like a wheezing noise; high…low…high…low….low…low…high…etc…

    Checked the attic…the sound isn’t coming from there either. Not everyone else can hear it…at least not when it’s daytime and it isn’t very loud. I suspect I’m “tuned” into it and I admit I am “listening” for it now that I’m conscious of it. Very perplexing because I had the water heater guy look at my gas water heater. Nothing was wrong….Now, I think about a plumber but with no leads at all and a such a faint sound during the day, I am not sure it won’t be a waste of his time and my money!

  6. Same sound in our home in Michigan for the past 4 years. Corners of walls are the worst, like a diesel engine. Electrical company shut down all power, even disconnecting transformer with no change. Stops during summer months, starts again the first day with temps below 30 degrees.

  7. I live in Nova Scotia, just outside Halifax. The hum is driving my Neighbour and I nuts. Our spouses can’t hear it! Please anyone help.

    1. My friend to the north- go to this site and let me know your proximity to the gas lines running in your area. There are quite a few reprots on other blogs from your area and some along the coast line of maine. All seem to parallel the lines from Cdn. I am plotting HUM location s in the US and “peaking” at CDn ;ocation swith the same startling revalation of the source. The HUM is always in the house, closed structures and closed in turned off cars. Soemtimes outside. Is it like amn idleing deisel with varying intensties and some changing characteristics?


    2. My friend to the north- go to the site with the CDN Gas System on it (I included but was blocked- sorry) and let me know your proximity to the gas lines running in your area. There are quite a few reprots on other blogs from your area and some along the coast line of maine. All seem to parallel the lines from Cdn. I am plotting HUM location s in the US and “peaking” at CDn ;ocation swith the same startling revalation of the source. The HUM is always in the house, closed structures and closed in turned off cars. Soemtimes outside. Is it like amn idleing deisel with varying intensties and some changing characteristics?

  8. PS…I live in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire where the movie “On Golden Pond” was filmed…although I feel like Darth Vader is going to come out of the woods any minute now.

  9. My life is not the same since I moved here…where this humming, pulsing vibration and pressure relentlessly assaults me.

    Reading this blog is comforting, yet there are no concrete answers.

    I went away for three weeks to a place where there was no humming…and I felt like a great weight was lifted. I looked better and had much more energy and my creative juices (necessary for my occupation) were flowing.

    Now I am home…going down with the buzz…
    It is constant…I need a fan to sleep…yet it is still there..it goes against my own body vibrations…(artist not scientist, forgive my terminology)…

    It is basically hell.

    I will continue to seek the source. One of my sons who was visiting (who also hears it) suggested that I use it in a positive way to energize me…I wish it was that simple…I have tried to reframe it…but it has serious negative effects.

    My sincerest wishes to all who suffer from this…

  10. West Rogers Park, Chicago Far North Side. We’re quarter mile from the water filtration plant on McCormick, and close to the ‘Deep Tunnel’. Have had the hum since March of 2003. Right now is going on, and it’s gotten worse! Used to be able to block with white noise machine and fan, now that only works some of the time. Like other poster wrote, wakes me up out of sound sleep around 4pm, sounds like a truck idling outside, go outside and its quiet as can be, come back inside and the Hum is there. A nightmare! I’m starting to get mono-like symptoms, tired, sweating, swollen glands and sore throat. It’s not the toilet, ballcock like several blogs maintain… I’ve turned off the outside water main, opened up all faucets, shut of toilet valves, still heard it. Could be gas, too coldl to shut off heat right now with a child in the house. Seems to be especially noticeable when humid or raining. A few days in summer when very hot, no hum. WORST TIME is when its warming up in the Spring, and cooling down in the Fall.
    I’ll flat out pay $500 cash to ANYBODY who can PERMANENTLY stop the hum from sounding in my home. I don’t have money for expensive acoustic engineers, and we’ve turned off the power main, have a cap on our chimney, checked the furnace, roof vents are tight, have one gable vent on extension 2nd floor, but I don’t think that’s it. It sounds, and feels like a ground vib ration.

  11. An executive with the company that originally installed the heat,air conditioning, water heater when the house was built has been kindly attempting to help me solve the “disturbance” problem…earlier today he had his crew install a new water heater; but sadly the miserable droning, pulsating, sound, ie disturbance continues! Have contacted an expert in the field of audio who is also (so very glad there are still people who for totally unselfish reasons are willing to help strangers!) trying to help me. Will keep posting re any progress.

    1. Have them do a sound test to determine Low frequency signatures. Use an octave analyzer, 1/3 octave band. If you get i’ll give you an email to send a pdf copy. North of you there is liquid pipeline that looks to be a similar situation in North carolina (which I have personally heard as well as a local reproting HUM there.)

  12. We live in Salt Lake City as well, it started in February. It comes on around 4 am every morning, and wakes me up like an alarm. I noticed it on at 1pm on sunday too. We have police aircraft sounds as well, but they are slightly louder. This hum I can feel/ hear it more when I am standing on the floor of the room closest to the waterline comes into the house. The noise makes me physically ill and nauseous. I tried turning off the water to the house – but it didnt help. Please tell me what to try now. This is driving me insane.

    1. Tom, SLC- there are many people on differnt sites reproting from there. It may be required that we all make an uprising about this soon to the gov’t. maybe teh crystal, but for me it’s SEEMS a bit masked when running bath fan or ceiling fan. Only 10% of people hear this, whilst everyone can feel the tingly vibrations for bad HUM levels.

      Nanette, et. al. , it would be worth while going and listening in others homes and simply ask if they have heard a constant deisel sound. If they say no, leave it alone, If yes, open discussions and let me know. That’s par tof the process of discovery.

      Liz will take alook at the sites.

      Jake, gas lines line a couple miles from you to the east. I’ll plot your data for use in our data base for pressing investigation by the feds. And may try the crystals

    2. I live in American Fork, I have been hearing this for the past month. Shut-off my main electric service didn’t stop. Sometimes I can hear it in the car. Sounds like a low humming sound, thought it was a motor of some type. Interesting to see others are hearing it too. Was wondering if this poses any health risk. What is also interesting, about a month ago Comcast was in the neighborhood checking for a disturbance to the cable. He shrugged off my coments, so never heard if he found anything. Keep me posted what others finding.

      1. Scott #6 Riverton, many SLC, hollady, providence are posting HUMS. american Fork (UT?) is right on some major gas transimssion lines. changes are occuring causing this.

        Dave#1 if your near teh lake, there are lines west of you, but, just like gas lines the water lines may be the culprit, or a combination, or soemthing totally differnt. Too many variables to judge from a far. Your sensations hit the mark of all teh HUMMers. i am going to plot you on the map.

        PS- this is to take up the ladder and make a case in public.

    3. Tom My advise is to keep a fan or air filter that makes some noise running at least at night .This will ease the discomfort.This is not sound that you hear but rather it is microwave in the atmosphere from the likes of cell towers,radar for weather forecasting,FM and AM radio waves ,TV signals etc.There is so much Radio Frequencies in our atmosphere that its killing our bees and us.

      1. And the sound waves causing vibration from that the gaslines through the ground are causing the hibernation distruption of the bats in the eastern USA.

  13. #12, the city is Leander (outside of Austin, TX.) Am thinking that in all probability there are other houses in my subdivision that have the same sound disturbance; but they are not aware of it because evidently not everyone is unlucky enough to be able to!

  14. we have solved, for the most part, this annoying, buzzing dilemma. my wife and i live in West Asheville, NC. we decided to rely on the supposed power of natural crystals placed at each corner of our house and around our bed, and even our car. the noise has vanished, leaving behind clarity of mind and peace. these orgone generators are hard to believe until you try them. but our lives have improved drastically since we procured these special puck-shaped devices. AMAZING and works. worth a shot, $40 for 12! http://www.orgonix23.com . good luck!

  15. i live in nottingham uk and all night i can hear the humming iv had no sleep for weeks …. so we all in the same boat.. though i was going mad!! haarp thats the one…

  16. NO MORE HUMMING… I to had humming only in the house which would increase during the night. It started when I had some drywall repaired and the outlet/cable TV covers on the interior walls had been removed.
    The humming was coming from the cold air in the attic coming down thru the interior walls and out the uncovered outlet holes causing a hum and slight vibration. You might try insulating the attic and sealing the sockets with styrafoam sealers bought at a home improvement store.
    I hope this helps you get a good night sleep

  17. OK thank you everyone for your theories. we all have our own theories as to what is the cause but only those that have tuly experienced the exact symptoms as the initial reporter (as I do) but has also remedied the problem with a successful outcome can actually solve this issue for the rest of us.Please can anyone help us solve our Issue. thank you. NO MORE THEORIES

    1. You all need to identify where your hearing this. Town location is fine. Data is power. I will tell you that over 500 identificable locations out of thousands have been plotted and there is a direct link to locations to gas lines. And I only started this 2 months ago.

      There are numerous other sites very active on this. So, you are not alone. we just have to get this raised to the level of an investigation with the gov’t.

      Jeff, RR, Nanette and madshogun- your symptoms are all familiar. I am typing from western CT and getting beat up by noise and floor vibration. Try sitting in your car, windows up, everyhting off- HUMMMMMM.

    2. I can’t believe I just found this on the off chance that someone else might know what this damn humming is! I live in Ajax, Ontario. Every night for the last month or so, I’ve wakened around 2 – 4 AM hearing this low humming sound. At first I thought, “why is someone idling their car engine at this hour?” but the sound goes on all night, starting in the early evening. You kind of have to “tune in” to it but once the house is quiet, it’s hard to miss it. I explored the idea of a heat pump in the adjacent house maybe? The sound cannot be heard through any of my walls and yet it’s all over the house. Can’t hear it outside either. It’s definitely not water pipes. I’ve had that problem in another house and it didn’t sound at all like this. No, this sounds like some kind of engine or motor and it fluctuates as well. I thought about those power windmills used for wind hydro. I live along Lake Ontario and we do have some of them in the next town over along the lakefront but that is nowhere near here, so I don’t get it. It’s really annoying! Now, I’m wondering about mobile phone towers too. We used to have terrible reception around here. Could it be a new installation somewhere nearby that I don’t know about? As for gas lines….unless it’s possible to hear em from a distance. We haven’t had any new gas lines installed around here in years, so I don’t get it.

      1. Doesn’t need to be new gas lines. Trans Canada has a line or lines north you (how far I don’t know) But if your within 25 miles of them and depending amplification from geologic features and water bodies, you may be be experiencing Low frequency sound waves off the lines. From my understanding, and it’s not much- wind turbines are a womp, womp type sound. here in CT US, the gas line operators made massive changes to their systems and the way they operate them to get more gas here, which almost conclusively has caused the HUM. This isn’t from mere guessing, we have measured as well as consultant noise experts.

  18. Have posted as “Guest #40 and #38….am out of options to research at this point! – droning wakes me out of a sound sleep – still has no set pattern – can be heard throughout the house and sound volume varies usually louder at night probably due to less noise outside it can be heard easier. At least during the really warmer temperatures the ceiling fan shuts out the droning and during the much colder temps the central heating drowns the miserable sound. However when a ceiling fan or central heat/central air does not seem appropriate the droning is absolutely in control. My house is also on a slab foundation as were all the others and have never had to endure the horrendous droning!

  19. I live in Southern California, and the noise started last week. I really notice it between around midnight and 5:00 am, when the traffic noise is minimal. It sounds just as if a truck is parked outside the bedroom with the engine idling–a regular, ryhthmic, pulsating hum. It’s driving me nuts because I can’t relax enough to sleep well. I’ll fall asleep through sheer exhausting, only to wake an hour later, and that cycle repeats through the night. I’m going to try the suggestion of cutting the main circuit breaker to see if it’s electrically related. Also, shutting off the water main. The only thing that give me some rest is earplugs, but then I worry I won’t hear the alarm in the morning, which further contributes to my lack of sleep. The one thing I can think of as far as a cause is a major construction project on the freeway intersection a couple of miles from our home. They do the work at night, and there’s lots of heavy machinery involved. One thing that’s puzzling–and frustrating–is when I walk outside, I can’t hear anything–only in my bedroom. As some have suggested, perhaps the layout of the house is acting as a giant resonator. Arrggh!!

    1. I also live in Southern Ca (Fontana) and have the same humming noise! Just started a week ago and is driving me nuts! I described it exactly like you did! The idling truck parked out front. Mostly late at night. Seems to be 2 noises. Kinda sounds like a swarm of bees in the air vents. Did you ever solve your mystery? Please let me know you ever found a solution. I think it might be rats. Sounds crazy but like rat sonar vibrations or something.

      1. I just read an article about The Hum in Windsor Ontario https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/19/world/canada/windsor-hum.html?partner=applenews&ad-keywords=APPLEMOBILE&asset_id=100000005745248 , and remembered my experience when living in Fontana, California.
        I remember the first time I heard it, I got out of bed in the middle of the night, walked around my house and finally opened up the front door and peered into the air above my house. From the sound I was hearing, I fully expected to see an aircraft of some sort hovering above my house. I heard it many times again over the 15 years I lived there, but learned to ignore the sound. When reading the article on Windsor, they mentioned a steel mill. I lived about a mile from a steel yard on Jurupa that made tremendous and terrible sounding noises all night, most nights. This may be a connection to steel mills, and Fontana is famous for its steel. The First time I heard those particular noises, which sound like what I could only describe as what it would have sounded like if dinosaurs were fighting and flinging metal around. Sounds crazy, but if you live there you know. Also, some people have talked about a possible cause of the hum is water pressure in the pipes. We had notoriously high pressure in Fontana. We had to replace sprinklers and faucets yearly because the pressure would cause them to break continuously!

        Alternately, there is also a smell that was creeping into Southrodge in Fontana that was making me sick. I believe the foul odor, which I still smell anytime I travel up the 15 through Ontario to Rancho Cucamonga, comes from a water treatment plant on Etiwanda Ave. it is not the same sulfuric smell I grew up smelling at Vinyard and the 60 freeway, which has lessened considerably in the past 20 years.

    2. Folks, if you could provide the location of hearing I will be using it on a mapping to prove and support of a theory like we have us in western CT that gas line operations are the cause. Since the gov’t won’t take action for a small group like us in CT, we’ve expanded to the entire US. The HUM I need to know about is teh typical LF diesel, continous HUM. Heard mostly inside the home or a parked, quiet car.
      Steve K

      1. I am experiencing this exact same thing in Vallejo, California. Apparently, I’m not the only one. On researching this, I’ve found a couple other folks have reported it to our local paper. I live on a hill above the freeway and nearby are large electrical towers. I never had this in my other house. It comes from nowhere. It’s like it’s in the air and all around, but nowhere in the walls or floors or ceiling. It’s making me quite crazy.

  20. In my case,the humming started last year ,late Feb. thru March then went away. The humming just came back (again late Feb.). I describe the noise as a resonance that pulsates,it is constant. I hear it only inside my house and garage, nowhere else.So far no-one else can hear it.Last year my wife and I were going away weekends,and I found I wouldn’t hear the noise for a couple of days after returning.The more time I spend at home the more I fixate on the noise.In the evening I mask the noise with. TV or music .I go to sleep with tv on a timer, if I don’t get up to go to the bathroom I can sleep most of the night.If I do wake up , I fixate on the noise and then can;t sleep.I bought a Trifield meter to try to locate the source but had no luck.However, on the magnetic scale there is a very small fluctuation of the indicator needle that matches the pulsation of the hum. I’m so happy to have found others who are experiencing this curse.

  21. I am having the same problem. Sometimes the noise seems to come from one wall, other times it seems to come from another; in some areas it exists more kintensely, then I lower my head and it’s gone. How can I identify this? Is there a machine to find where it comes from and what type of solution to apply? I live in New York.

  22. Hi i live in Ireland and 6 months ago myself and my fiance started to here a humming and a high frequency sound in our house. It was consuming our taughts at night and we could not sleep. Anyway i wanted to share some possible solutions with this form because i know how damaging this can be to your lives. We discovered that when our mobile phones were turned off the high fequency sound disappeared. Also i lowered the pressure on the gas boiler to point 1 and this helped with the humming. It seems the water pipes were causing the humming sound. If you open the gas boiler you should see a knob that can be turned to release water from the system thus lowering the pressure. Hope this helps. remember turn off those mobile phones at night to stop the EMF coming through the house it really helped us.

    1. Thanks sounds different than our problem, ours is Low Frequency. Thanks for responding back. If it doesn’t go away check out eh yahoo Hum forum for the global issue of HUM

  23. I’ve got it too. We live in the mountains in Pennsylvania. Never heard this thing or had this problem until we bought a house here and moved here last year. It only happens in the winter- during the cold months. The first winter we spent here my spouse said – you’re probably just hearing the furnace getting warmed up before it kicks on- relax. He can’t hear a thing! I hear it as if there is an idling motor right outside my bedroom window! It’s driving me mad. It starts around midnight and goes until?? at least until 8am or later- by that time the other ambient noise in the house and neighborhood drowns it out for me. But my God – the damn sound wakes me up at 12 am…4am, 6am (forget about sleeping in! though my husband can sleep right through it!) I try to go back to sleep – which takes an hour or two and then the humming wakes me up again around 3am, 5am and finally I just get up and get out of bed at 6am but I can still hear it throughout my house- in the kids room, the basement, the living room. I go outside I hear nothing. My house is an amplifier for this sound. We dont have a gas line going to our house so its not that. We live near a water tower- I wonder if that is what it is. We live in a neighborhood that also has telephone poles – but the other neighborhoods dont have poles or wires in the air they have just those big green transformer boxes in their yards so I guess their electrical is underground? I wondered if it was someone’s geothermal heat pump? But I know our neighbors have either gas, oil, or electrical heat. I never hear it in the spring fall or summer. I bet you can hear it in the winter because the ground is frozen solid so maybe the sound reverberates off that? Whereas in the summer fall or spring – the soil is loose and the sound passes through? I don’t know. All I know is that it is maddening. My spouse can not hear it and I’m afraid to mention it to the neighbors because they might think I’m batty. My theories: It’s either fracking (underground mining for gas?), a water tower thing, wind turbines (they are about 50 miles away on the opposite side of the mountain but they can generate an underground hum), a generator of some kind for the local school district? We live near farms too so maybe its a piece of farming equipment? It runs every single day without fail. The only 2 days I noticed that it didn’t run were Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day. Isn’t that odd? It’s definatley man-made. This is not a natural phenomena. I also wonder if it might have to do with water pressure? Our water heater has a pipe that is too small for it on it. I wonder if that’s the cause. Our house is a gem. It perfect inside and out and great neighborhood with beautiful views and yard. Just this damn noise that drives me insane in the winter. I have to run the humidifier to sleep but that’s kinda noisy too. When the heat kicks on (forced hot air) it drowns it out so that’s welcome relief. House built in 1950s and I highly doubt that the plumbing or electrical has been updated since maybe the 70s? Anyway. Ugh.

    1. Waoh… Sounds like you have the same issue as many. Wind turbines , very likely but seem too far away. Yes LF waves travel long distances. My suffers here in western CT have almost certainly idnetifed teh HP inter/ intra state natural gas lines. evne on occurance I personnaly know of in NC that’s a liquid propane line. Lady there reprots it. Yahoo Hum forum had all this stuff going on. More importantly, what town are you in. Or at least the county. I’ll check the pipline maps and add you to data base. PS- you guys are loaded with lines in western PA. The gas companies have changed teh operations to cause this – our belief. Not unusual for only you to hear, 2-5 percent hear low frequency. So explanin that to your neighbors, then ask them if they hear a HUM. You might be surprised they tell you inside thier house sounds like a diesel truck in their driveway all the time and they even hear it inside a closed in, turned off car. Let me know.

      1. HOw can I find where the pipelines are near my house in Chicago? Corner of Albany and Birchwood on the Far North Side…?

  24. Marion, Iowa. Have lived in same house for 15 years. Just started hearing it a couple months ago (sounds like heavy equip engine running a ways away -sometimes oscillates up and down a little). Can’t hear it outside- and it sometimes goes away, hear it about 85% of the time. Have to turn on fan and put tv on timer so I can sleep. Tried the water thing- no good. Laid head against walls to see if volume increased or felt vibrations- no to both. Son lives at home- says he does not hear it. But home is the only place I hear it- no where else. Will try to listen in enclosed car a few blocks away. Sounds like maybe in 80 to 120Hz range. Hmm..

    1. Just like thousands of others. I hear it daugthers say I’m crazy. In western CT and we believe the problem is from changes inoperations of natural gas pipelines for capacity needs. Unfortunately have a battle to prove. In LINN county you have a couple of liquid lines in the south and some NG lines. It is possible, of many other possibilites, they are the problem. Stay connected because we are pursuing as our homes vibrate, pool water rolls and the HUM at times inside teh homes is sickening.

  25. I thought I’d post back that, tonight, less than 24 hours after I posted my last post (which hasn’t been approved yet), I DO NOT hear the humming right now. I don’t remember hearing it until 10:30-11pm Eastern Time. We’ll see what happens in another hour. It was pretty loud last night, because I’m straining to hear it right now so I KNOW I don’t hear it. I certainly didn’t have to strain to hear it last night. I hope to one day solve this !!

  26. I HEAR A LOW DRONE HUMMING NOISE !!!!!! I live in Rocky Point, Long Island New York. I’m 9 minutes walking from the Long Island Sound. This “hum” started, oh two weeks ago–that I noticed. I thought it was my ears, until tonight


    I only rent an apt, so I am not at liberty to have water pipes checked, or anything. HOWEVER, I HEAR IT OUTSIDE TOO! It’s loudest in my bedroom, as my apt. is half underground, so that could be why. We have a water tower a 1/2 mile away and a power plant sub station about 3/4 of a mile away.

    I mostly hear it at night when it’s quiet and everything is off. There’s no vibration with it, just the noise. I’m going to try to listen for it in the morning.

    I can block it out, but I just want to know what it is!!!!! LOL

    Don’t know if my post # is linked to my email, so anyone can email for anything. If you can’t, I’ll bookmark this site and check back often.

  27. I am having exactly the same problem. It gets much worse at night. The plumbers came to my building and for a day all was well, but now it is back. Is there a machine I can buy to “suck” this noise, or a sheet rock that stops the noise from coming out of the wall? I don;t even know which wall it comes from. It is more annoying in certain areas than in others.

    1. John and Adam- what town/state do you hear the HUM. I am going to assume it is not home caused and want to add your report tothe map of USA locations.


  29. I live in Australia and have just started hearing this noise for the last three weeks. I have lived in my house for 8 years. It is driving me completely insane. I have had my gas water heater changed as it was 18 years old and the plumber thought it was that. Still there. Had my gas meter changed a few months ago so plumber thought it might be the regulator. Got that changed. It went, yay, for 3 days. Back again after I relit my gas heater pilot light which then started sputtering. Plumber out again. He adjusted it. Still have hum. Its like a throbbing, pulsating, rumble-hum. was at one side of house, now seems to be all over. plumber coming again on Tuesday. I have turned off all electricity and water. Its still there. Plumber can here it but he is flumoxed. After that I am going to ring power board and see if my underground power lines are doing this. Then council to see if anyone is doing any strange day and night work. Had neighbours move in across the road from me about the time it started. wonder if it could be them doing something odd. As you can see it is driving me up the wall and I think I may have to sell. Done a bit of research and one guy heard it constantly until he had a blackout in the street. no hum. Street lights came on, hum came back. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated. I know what you are all going through.

    1. Your at the beginning of the mission. Do one thing that you probably not thought of. Drive your car a few blocks away from your home, find a safe pullover, turn it off with closed windows. Listen and take note of the quality of the sound, what’s it like. Do you still hear the HUM. If you do you’ll have to send me some vegimite. Only teasing, but do let me know.

      If not, it’s likey you’ll be taking the steps you already outlined to eliminate things.

      Steve K CT USA

  30. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’ve noticed it is just terrible during the winter. Summertime I hardly hear the hum. I got myself a Scalar Home Protection System which did help lower the frequency in my house so I”m not sure if the hum is connected but I feel that it is. I wear Diodes. I’m ignoring it but find myself focused on trying to ignore it. Haven’t been able to figure out how to get rid of it either. I’ve notice when the fridge kicks on or it a vehicle drives by with a loud muffler, it voids the hum out.

    1. Other people have reported HUM in SLC on two other sites. I don’t know what diodes are, but doesn’t matter. See my comment to Carmel, and pls get back.

      Is the HUM mostly continuous and varying in intensity and quality (when it’s real bad here it’s a buzz saw , low piched drone


    1. As many say, likely differnt casues. we have to act like experts in certain fields (as you can figure I’m on the gas line issue for my area). Certainly as data develops let’s exchange notes. And yes the gov’t really does not have a handle or want to have one on this, that’s one reason data is being collected for possible exposure thru the media. But data, science, literature search, certainamonunt of expertise in the field and allot of personal work has to be done to get there.. Where are you located

  32. peachie, zak and mike- I continue to check this site (see yahoo comment) and do need location data for plotting US hot spots on where people are sensing (audible inside structures, cars and vibrations). Our little group in CT theoriezes some of the HUM problems are caused by operational changes of the interstate (intrastate) gas line operations to pump more gas. We are presenting data supported evidence to US Gov’t FERC.

    Mike, EIA maps do show gas lines thru SW NM and depending whre in Va- yes. Peachie Atlanta also. (see Lisa post). I am mapping locations in US, but need allot more data for trending.

    Locations on your reports are important

  33. about 5 yrs ago I took a hike into the middle of our nation’s first wilderness area. The Gila in SW new Mexico. I’ve lived in the area for over 30 yrs and it wasn’t til I took that hike that I heard the hum in the middle of the night, far far from anything. Possibly because it was so quiet. Sounded like a diesel motor running a long ways away. I heard it in two different locations. The third night it was windy and I did not hear anything. I’m guessing frequency was about 10 cycles per second. Never heard it before or after that trip.

  34. Glad to see that I am not alone. Early this year we purchased a home in a rural Western VA mountainous area. Since about early Nov we began hearing a low bass-type humming noise. Someone else described the noise as bass coming from a car outside the house – very low vibration. We never heard the noise during the summer or early Fall. In Nov the noise began. We have eliminated every possible cause from within the older house. We hunt and being in the woods we can also hear the noise in the woods outside the house. Initially, since properties around our house have turkey/chicken farms we thought the noise was generated by some type of heating systems the farmers use in their buildings when the temperatures drop below 30 degrees. The mountain behind our house does have main power lines coming across the mountain and traveling northward along the mountain. After reading several of the post, I’m wondering if the power lines are the cause. Clearly no expert, I’m wondering if the dry air that comes into place in the winter can affect the noise power lines generate (? Some sort static discharge). Also, likely why we did not hear the noise in the summer/early Fall was likely due to the foliage on the mountain blocking the noise. It does seem the noise is more apparent in certain areas of the woods. Ridge tops the noise is heard, low hollows no noise. House in open field at base mountain = noise.

  35. I think I am about 90 % sure that what is causing this annoying “humming,” is nothing but local police aircraft or helicopter flying around in circles in the sky. The size of your city, the type of jet engine, the condition of the aircraft mufflers, and each individuals own sensitivity to low frequency noise is unique. I heard some individuals may hear so low a frequency, it is well below the normal range of typical human “tested” hearing. I myself hear it all the time, day and night (and yes depending on which aircraft is put up, sometimes I cannot sleep until it is too late on a Sunday Nite) I never had EVER heard any “Humming noise(s)” before the police planes were put up into orbit 24 hours a day. The reason I know that it is (aircraft) is because one nite when I could not sleep, I decided to go outside and try to track it, just when I thought it is above my head, saw the airplane slowly approaching me (I do not know if it saw me or not) and then I noticed how it has routine flight characteristics-back and forth, etc) I can hear this noise even out of the city for miles !!
    The noise may be something else “altogether, ” but I myself suffer from low frequency as well as high frequency noises, but thanks to my job and my age- i do not have to worry too much of high-frequency noises, because i have what doctors call “high frequency loss.”Too bad it wasn’t low frequency !!

  36. I would love to share e-mail with anyone in the Atlanta area with this problem. I posted on this sight last year about this problem. I still have it. It’s been 4 years. Not sure if e-mail address can be published so I will let the moderators decide how I can “speak” to you guys. We need help!

  37. I am living the the same hell! About 2weeks ago I woke up hearing this aweful humming (like an oscillation). It almost sounds like someone is sitting outside my house with their truck running or their bass turned up. The sound runs throughout the entire house, all day, all night. Worse at night probably b/c everything else is turned off. It is affecting my sleep and overall comfort of living all day in this house. THis house was just built. We have lived in it 5 months and did not notice the sound until 2 weeks ago. My neighborhood is all new construction. WE live in southeast MA. Does anyone else know if maybe the work they are doing around my neighborhood (building new houses, putting in side walks and street lights) could affect something? My husband and I have turned off all the electricity in the house, he says he turned off the water too and I still hear the humming. WE just built this house and I don’t even think it is an option to move at this point. But I feel like I may go crazy. The sound seems to go thru me – I feel it pulsing. I run fans all day long, run the dryer or washing machine to mask out the sound. I guess I will try calling the water dept or electrician to help figure out the problem. My husband hears it but it doesn’t bother him. It’s driving me INSANE! Any other suggestions would be so appreciated. Also, it is not tinnitus. I am acutally an audiologist and am certain it is not tinnitus. In fact, I have tinnitus which I live with. This is a totally different frequency (very low) and goes away when I leave the house.

    1. i have been having this for 3 days.. worse at night – and its litterally doing my head in… i bumped my head 3 days ago and my partner seems to think its that. I dont because if i put ear plugs in the noise stops.. no one else can hear this!! on reading the other posts – my water pressure is very low but turned up full. its driving me nuts!!!!


  38. The water pressure at home in Puerto Rico is relatively low and the hum is there during the nights. The hum is not continuous, it gets louder intermitently. It is specially problematic close to the the bathroom at the second floor and at my bedroom. My wife says she hears it vaguely, but is a nusisance to me specially when waking up at the middle of the night. I will try the water trick but I am skeptic. At least I am not alone.

  39. So glad I found this site. I have been experiencing this hum when inside my house. Its driving me crazy. My guess is either the water pressure or a nearby sewage pump station. Scouring the web I haven’t noticed people saying whether they are near a pump station. I’m going to check out the Frey Effect that Patricia mentioned. I would like to sell my house but worried that potential buyers would hear the mind-numbing sound, but apparently most can’t hear it, so won’t have to disclose a a sound in my head, right?

  40. The last 3 nights I have heard this humming sound so loud that it keeps me up. I am the only one in the house that hears it. I still hear it in the AM. I have woke the household up to see if they hear it they do not. I hear it right outside of the house but not as loud as in the house. I do not hear it away from the house and I don;t hear it all the time. It is driving me crazy.

  41. The HUM is referred to as the Microwave Auditory Effect or Frey Effect. It not only is an auditory nuisance but it effects the Central Nervous System.
    They have denied us our rights and have changed the terms and are calling this the RF tinnitus
    Unbelievable circumsatnce they have put us in.
    Here in Canada they told me we have to prove it, when they know most can’t hear it.
    Look for Henry Lai’s paper on the Neurological effects of the Microwave Auditory Effect.

    1. Since Sept 2009 we have a hum in Western CT US. Synptoms and those hearing it all match yours and conuntless studies. FFT analysis (engineering term for measuring frequency- fast fournier transform) and home made vibration visualization testing proves some sort of ILFN (pool water vibrates). All this began when gas transmission system capacity upgrades were being put on line in the northeast late 2009. One line comes from Iroquois CDN fed off the CDN system. I have the attorney general of CT, FERC , etc. all involved, though they are lethargic. Testing by me and my group(non acoustic experts, but technically qulaified) shows that on these 2 pipelines within 15 miles of my home and at least 1 mile off their right of ways, the problem is real. I suggest you determine if major transmission lines are within five miles of your home and if the hum is new, what changes tooperations have they done. Allother sources have been evalauted and eliminated, other than mother nature. And then have someone download an FFT analyzer , get a good microphone for the computer, and see what the highest level frequencies are. Obviously you’ll need someone to evaluate. Dispotioantely high peaks between 20 and 70 hz, for long periods of time is information you should report to the MOE. I have now been succesful (much pain pushing) to get the two comapnaies to dig a test pit and do measurements of line vibrations. A long battle still, maybe ending up in court.

      1. I guess this site does get viewing, that’s great. One of the posters says they are located in SE Ma. Without knowing any specifics, one of the suspected gas transmission systems causing the HUM beleived here in western CT heads up to the Boston area. More data collecting looks to prove out HUMMING gas lines in our case. A professional study hasn’t happened yet, but making headway with FERC and gaining greater support to get attention to solving this. Although my small impcted resiidents believe we know the source. It gets so bad here that pool water vibrates and tsunami type wave action at time. Be interseted in more details. If FERC doesn’t force something soon, this will be put into the regional (national) news. I have a report that he HUM is also outside Schebtectdy NY (along one of the company lines)

        1. I have started posting in the “Hum Forum” on yahoo. A good single site to collect data for this phenomena. There are likely many sources, but there seems to be a common thread to where gas lines are and reporting- around the country

  42. Update from guest poster #2 & #4…..there are no other entities to have checked out and no one has been able to detect the culprit….the miserable sound has not surged to the high volume it did one Sunday very early in the morning and the day after….it continues at its low hum with absolutely no pattern as to when nor length of time….no pattern as to when it finally is quiet in the house. Some have been aware of the pressure in the house but only one other person besides myself have actually been able to hear the humming. IF ANYONE EVER FINDS A SOLUTION PLEASE RECORD IT ON THIS SITE!

  43. The drone is back!! It woke me up at 2am. I haven’t heard it since last summer and back then I called the power company thinking it was an electrical noise. They couldn’t detect a problem and when I shut off the power main the noise continued. Its a low frequency drone that no one seemed to be able to hear but me…I do have extremely sensitive hearing, but it was so obvious to me that I really couldn’t fathom how others couldn’t even detect a thing when it was driving me crazy and keeping me awake at night. My eldest son suggested drilling from the local mine, but I only hear it in my house and haven’t heard it for a while. The thought occurred to me that it might be water pressure, since I have knocking pipes when I turn on the cold water in the bathroom at a medium flow. I have to turn it on all the way and the knocking stops. So, the water pressure issue as posted above seems like it could be the problem. I hope that’s it and I can do something about it, because this is unbearable. Funny, as a comment on another post, Tinnitus was also suggested to me….sorry, wrong frequency!

  44. I have the same problem. It is the water pressure which
    can be cured by turning on the water at a finger size running for about 20 minutes or adjust the water pressure valve where the water line enters the house.

  45. I posted on 5/1/10 at 6:19 p.m….have since had the water company turn off the water and do the flow pressure test – the miserable sound is still there. Only utility left to check is the gas (though they checked the meter to make certain it was working.) I am researching as to high tech recording equipment so others who claim not to be able to detect the sound can listen to the recording. Sleep deprivation is one of the worst negatives re the situation. Has anyone ever solved the mystery culprit? Would consider selling the house but that is not a logical action at this time.

    1. Could it be the HD Dish? The gas meter is also a possibility… Please let me hear from you if you discover the culprit. Thanks

  46. Can definitely fully relate to both posts re the low humming noise – have had all utilities turned off, all meters checked including cable, electric transmitter in the yard, etc. yet irritating low grade humming/droning sound with no set pattern persists! Am going to have the water co. return and check the flow/pressure….house is approx. 2 years old……thanks so much for your blogs!

  47. I have felt the same thing too!!!! I also live in Atlanta area. I have slept on over 8 blankets b/c the vibration rattles my head and body so much. My townhome is on a slab and I can feel it under my feet-the vibration and a low humming noise-ALLLLLL the time!!!
    any ideas anyone???

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