Arleigh Burke Class DDG 108 Named for Wayne Meyer, a former ATI instructor

An  Arleigh Burke Class DDG 108 was named for Wayne Meyer, a former ATI instructor. Rear Adm. Wayne E. Meyer is also known as the father of AEGIS. After he retired from the Navy in 1985 he taught several professional development classes on Combat Systems Engineering for ATI based on his many years of systems engineering experience with the AEGIS combat System. Wayne E. Meyer passed away on Sept 1, 2009,  and did not get to see this ships’ commissioning, which bears his name, but his legend as ‘father of Aegis” is well known

DDG 108 Wayne E. Meyer

DDG-108 has been named in honor of Rear Adm. Wayne E. Meyer. DDG-108 Rear Adm. Wayne E. Meyer is a Flight IIA variant of the Arleigh Burke class guided missile destroyer and incorporates a helicopter hanger facility into the original design. The ship can each carry two SH-60B/R helicopters. Guided missile destroyers operate independently and in conjunction with carrier strike groups, surface action groups, expeditionary strike groups and replenishment groups.

On August 22, 2008 the USS WAYNE E. MEYER (DDG 108) received its homeport letter and will homeport in San Diego, CA. The ship is scheduled to set sail from Bath late summer 2009. The location and date for the ship’s commissioning has yet to be determined, but it will most likely occur in the fall of 2009 [versus the originally planned January 2009]. Until DDG 108 is commissioned, its formal title is Pre-Commissioning Unit WAYNE E. MEYER (DDG 108). Once commissioned, the title will change to USS WAYNE E. MEYER (DDG 108). The Pre-Commissioning Unit administration support facility is located at 590 Washington Street in Bath, Maine. The term PCU, or simply “PRECOM Unit” or “Unit,” also refers to the PCU support facility that houses the offices for the crews of each PCU currently under construction in Bath. For the purposes of the entire Pre-Commissioning process, think of the “PRECOM Unit” or “PCU” as the actual ship in Bath. Click here for more info

Rear Admiral Wayne E. Meyer

As of mid-2008 Rear Admiral Meyer operated a consultancy with offices in Crystal City, Virginia. He chairs and serves on numerous Panels and Committees chartered by various DOD civil and military officials. He has served on the National Ballistic Missile Defense Advisory Committee for the past seven years, serving as its Chairman for the past three years. He also gives numerous speeches besides reviewing and editing articles, essays and books. Rear Admiral Wayne E. Meyer, retired in 1985 as the Deputy Commander for Weapons and Combat systems, Naval Sea Systems, Naval Sea Systems Command and Ordnance Officer of the Navy.

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