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    Acoustics Fundamentals
    Alan D. Stuart

    1. Principles of Vibration and Sound (2nd Edition)
    by Thomas D. Rossing and Neville H. Fletcher
    Springer-Verlag (2004) ISBN 0-387-40556-9

    2. Engineering Acoustics (An Introduction to Noise Control)
    by Michael Moser
    Springer-Verlag (2004) ISBN 3-540-20236-6

    3. Acoustics: An Introduction
    by Heinrich Kuttruff
    Taylor & Francis (2006) ISBN 0-415-38680-2

    4. The Science and Applications of Acoustics (2nd Edition)
    by Daniel R. Raichel
    Springer-Verlag (2006) ISBN 0-387-26062-5

    5. Noise Control (Revised Edition)
    by Charles E. Wilson
    Robert Krieger Publishing (2006) ISBN 1-575-24237-0

    6. Fundamentals of Acoustics (4th Edition)
    By L.E. Kinsler, A.R. Frey, A.B. Coppens, & J.F. Sanders
    John Wiley and Sons (2000) ISBN-13: 9789471847892

  3. Additional recommended books:

    Noise and Vibration Control Engineering, I.L.Ver and L.L. Beranek, eds.,2nd Edition; Wiley, 2006

    Structure-Borne Sound, L.Cremer, M. Heckl, E.E.Ungar, 2nd Edition; Springer-Verlag 1988

    Passive Vibration Isolation, E.I.Rivin, ASME Press, 2003

    Passive Vibration Control, D.J.Mead, Wiley,1988

    Theory of Vibration with Applications, W.T.Thomson, 2nd Edition, Prentiss Hall 1981

  4. New book:

    Author: Etter, Paul C.
    Title: Underwater Acoustic Modeling and Simulation, 3rd Edition.
    ISBN-13: 9780419262206
    Publication Info: London ; New York : Spon Press, 2003.
    Physical description: xx, 424 p. : ill., maps ; 24 cm.

    Underwater acoustics — Mathematical models.

    Comments: Examines the translation of our physical understanding of sound into mathematical models that can simulate acoustic propagation, noise and reverberation in the sea. These models are used in a variety of research and operational applications to predict and diagnose the performance of complex sonar systems operating in the undersea environment.

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