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The Applied Technology Institute (ATI) International specializes in short course technical training in space, communications, defense, sonar, radar, and signal processing. For 30 years, the Applied Technology Institute (ATI) earned the trust of technical professionals and training departments nation-wide. We successfully delievered on-site training at all major Department of Defense facilities and NASA centers, and for a large number of their contractors. In addition, many international organizations have benefited from our training solutions, including the United Nations (UN).

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The Applied Technology Institute specializes in training programs for the working technical professional. Our courses keep you current in the state-of-the-art technology that is essential to keep your company on the cutting edge in today's highly competitive market place. We have presented on-site training at the major Navy, Air Force and NASA research centers, and on-site for a large number of contractors. Our training increases effectiveness and productivity.

You design, control, and schedule the course for you and all your participants.


Since the program involves only your personnel, confidentiality is maintained.


Your employees may attend all or only the most relevant part of the course. They are still available when needed.


Our instructors are the best in the business, averaging 25 to 35 years of experience. Carefully selected for both technical expertise and teaching ability, they provide information that is practical and ready to use immediately.


Our on-site programs can save your facility 30% to 50% in cost, plus additional expenses by eliminating employee travel time.



To better serve and support our international customers, we are launching our new division, ATI International. This division allows our overseas customers to save on travel expenses and permits us to consistently bring the ATI experience to facilities in Europe. Now all our customers, including those in the U.S. and Canada can save over 50% compared to a public course if 15 or more students attend an on-site course event.




You must be completely satisfied with our program. We are willing to do whatever is required before or after the course to satisfy you. You must be 100% satisfied.

ATI is a community of instructors and students, academics and defense, with a need to communicate and share information including the latest develops in training, education, technology, regulation, industry and government. You can communicate with the the ATI community and hear what others have to say be joining our Applied Technology Institute blog. Once you join you will be able to post and comment immediately.

Our European office in Italy is conveniently situated near Venice and Vicenza and includes a state-of-the-art training facility.



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