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    Technical Training Short On Site Course Quote

      The short course treats fundamental antenna concepts and modern applications, including antennas for wireless. Many examples and design procedures are covered. Students will receive the new second edition of the leading antenna book, Antenna Theory and Design, written by the instructors, as well as a complete notebook with all materials.


      Dr. Gary Thiele, University of Dayton
      Dr. Warren Stutzman, Virginia Tech

      Contact these instructors (please mention course name in the subject line)

    Who Should Take the Course:

    • Engineers who use antennas
    • Engineers involved in communication systems
    • Wireless engineers or managers
    • EMC engineers.


    • Antenna fundamentals
    • Arrays
    • Wire antennas
    • Broadband antennas
    • Aperture antennas: Horns and reflectors
    • Computational codes for antennas
    • Communication systems
    • Wireless and cellular antennas
    • Smart antennas
    • EMC topics
    • Antenna measurements

    Course Outline:

    Day 1

    Antenna Fundamentals

    • Radiation patterns
    • Directivity and gain
    • Effective aperture
    • Impedance
    • Polarization
    • Small antennas
    • Ground planes

    Day 2

    Antenna Arrays:

    • Linear arrays
    • Pattern control using arrays
    • Array directivity
    • Array design
    • Mutual coupling
    • Phased arrays
    • Microstrip elements and arrays
    • Operational array examples
    • Future trends in arrays

    Line Sources

    • As a design tool
    • Tapered line sources

    Wire Antennas

    • Dipoles
    • Folded dipoles
    • Coil loaded antennas
    • Corner reflector
    • Yagi-Uda arrays
    • Impedance matching techniques
    • Antennas over earth ground

    Day 3

    Broadband Antennas

    • Design principles for broadbanding
    • Traveling-wave antennas
    • Spiral antennas
    • Log-periodic antennas
    • Helical antennas

    Aperture Antennas

    • Aperture theory
    • Horn antennas
    • Parabolic relflector antennas
    • Gain calculations for aperture antennas
    • Feeds for reflectors

    Computational Methods for Antennas

    • Moment method basics
    • MININEC code for wire antennas
    • High frequency methods - Geometrical Theory of Diffraction
    • Survey of commercial computational codes for antennas
    Day 4

    Antennas in Systems

    • Communication systems
    • Wireless systems - Mobile and personal
    • Smart antennas
    • Radar systems and antenna RCS
    • Radiometry and antenna noise
    • Radiation safety

    Antenna Measurements

    • Antenna ranges
    • Radiation pattern measurement
    • Gain measurements
    • Polarization measurements
Basic concepts in antennas, antenna arrays, and antennas systems

ATI's Antenna Systems Engineering And Development Course