Acoustic, Noise, Sonar Engineering Courses and Technical Training Seminars

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Acoustic, Noise, Sonar Engineering Courses and Technical Training Seminars

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  1. Acoustics Fundamentals, Measurements, and Applications- S110
  2. Acoustics Fundamentals, Measurements with Air-borne Noise Monitoring- S170
  3. Acoustics Fundamentals, Measurements with Underwater Applications
  4. Applied Physical Oceanography Modeling and Acoustics- S114
  5. AUV and ROV Technology- S115
  6. Design, Operation and Data Analysis of Side Scan Sonar Systems- S121
  7. Experimental Modal Analysis- S123
  8. Hydrographic & Side-Scan Systems- S124
  9. Mechanics of Underwater Noise- S125
  10. Navy Planning Fundamentals
  11. Passive and Active Sonar- S133
  12. Ocean Optics: Fundamentals- S132
  13. Random Vibration and Shock Measurement & Testing
  14. Sonar and Target Motion
  15. Sonar Principles & ASW Analysis- S151
  16. Sonar Signal Processing- S152
  17. Sonar Systems Design
  18. Sonar Transducer Design
  19. Submarines & Submariners- An Introduction
  20. Undersea Warfare- Advanced- S155
  21. Underwater Acoustic Modeling & Simulation- S160
  22. Underwater Acoustics 201- S162
  23. Underwater Acoustics For Biologists and Conservation Managers- S163
  24. Vibration & Noise Control- S164