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Information Technology

ATI's (X)HTML and Dreamweaver MX Course

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    Technical Training Short On Site Course Quote

      This course provides a hands-on introduction to the Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) as well as introduce students to the basics of the Macromedia Dreamweaver MX Web development application which generates (X)HTML. It introduces tags and their uses in order to create web pages which include formatted text, images, hyperlinks, image maps, tables, frames and forms.


      Students need skill navigating the WWW.

    Who Should Attend:

      This course is for those wanting to create interesting web sites using various layout methods and formatting techniques.

    Benefits of Attendance:

      Students will be able to:

      • Explain basic concepts about the Internet and the World Wide Web, and how to publish a site.
      • Design a graphical site from scratch, beginning with developing a site map, through final upload of the site to a Web server.
      • Perform character and paragraph formatting on text.
      • Add links within a site, create anchors, and specify external links.
      • Create and format tables to assist in page design.
      • Use images as links and create image maps.
      • Build a frame-based site to assist the viewer in navigation.
      • Troubleshoot web pages created in Dreamweaver

    Course Outline:

      Chapter 1: Introduction to (X)HTML

      1. Brief History of the World Wide Web
      2. (X)HTML Basics
      3. Introduction to (X)HTML Tags
      4. (X)HTML Rules
      5. Horizontal Rules
      6. Text Formatting Tags
      7. Character Entities
      8. Lists
      9. Links and Images
      10. Thumbnails

      Chapter 2: Advanced (X)HTML

      1. Client-Side Image Maps
      2. Tables
      3. Nested Tables
      4. Complex Tables
      5. Frames
      6. Navigating Between Frames
      7. Nested Frames

      Chapter 3: Dreamweaver and Internet Access and HTML

      1. Planning Web Sites
      2. Previewing in a Browser
      3. Viewing and Managing (X)HTML Code

      Chapter 4: Designing a Web Site

      1. Defining a Web Site
      2. Creating a Basic Web Page
      3. Page Properties
      4. The Site Panel
      5. Working with Templates

      Chapter 5: Adding Content to Web Pages

      1. List Formats
      2. Images
      3. Tables
      4. Templates Containing Repeating Regions

      Chapter 6: Working With Links

      1. Internal and External Hyperlinks
      2. Images as Links
      3. Creating an Image Map
      4. Creating Anchors

      Chapter 7: Enhancing Navigation in a Site

      1. Framesets
      2. Reusable Navigation Bars

      Chapter 8: Managing and Uploading a Web Site

      1. The Site Map
      2. Checking the Site
      3. Uploading the Site
      4. Uploading the Entire Site


      Tuition is $880 per person at one of our scheduled public courses. Onsite pricing is available. A reduced rate is available for government personnel. Please call us at 410-956-8805 or send an email to

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