Statistics 101: Fundamentals of Statistics with Excel Examples

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Statistics 101:
Fundamentals of Statistics with Excel Examples

2-Day Course

$1595 per person


This two-day course provides an introductory overview of basic statistics and statistical analysis with examples presented in Excel. Participants will be furnished with the textbook Statistical Analysis with Excel for Dummies, by Joseph Schmuller.

  1. Introduction to Excel Statistical Tools

  2. Measures of Central Tendency and of Dispersion

  3. Probability Concepts

  4. Discrete Random Variables & Monte Carlo Method

  5. Binomial Distributions (Pass-Fail Statistics)

  6. Continuous RV’s; Uniform & Triangular Distribution

  7. Basics of Normal Distribution

  8. Central Limit Theorem & Student t- Distribution

  9. Confidence Level and Interval

  10. Sample Size for Mean Estimation

  11. Chi-Square Distribution and Goodness-of-Fit

  12. Functions of Random Variables (Propagation of Errors)

  13. Uncertainty of Measurements

  14. robability and System Reliability

    • Exponential Distribution and Reliability

    • Gamma Distribution and Reliability

    • Poisson Distribution and Process

    • Weibull Distribution and Time to Failure

  15. Percentiles and Probability Plots of Data

  16. Hypotheses Testing and OC Curves

  17. Topics of interest to the class

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Dr. Alan Stuart

Dr. Alan D. Stuartan emeritus professor of acoustics at Penn State, has over forty years’ experience in the field of sound and vibration. For over thirty years, he has taught both academic and onsite technical training courses on the Fundamentals of Acoustics, Structural Acoustics, Noise Control Engineering, Underwater Acoustics and Sonar Engineering, as well as Math Refreshers (including Statistics) at government and industrial organizations throughout the country, as well as in Canada and Mexico.

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