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Project Management Professional (PMP)Certification Exam Boot Camp Frequently Asked Questions

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In anticipation of questions you may ask, we've provided you with the answers and links to get you on your way to pursue Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification Exam Boot Camp

Who should attend this course?

    This course is a great preparation class for any experienced project manager wishing to obtain the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification through the Project Management Institute the globally recognized standard in Project Management. Project Managers, Team Leads, Project Architects, or anyone managing or involved with any part of the project lifecycle and who wish to obtain this certification will benefit from this Prep course

What prior knowledge/background do I need to attend this course?

    In order to qualify for the PMP certification, all candidates must meet the eligibility requirements outlined by PMI. There are two options for eligibility, based on formal education, with each requiring a certain number of documented Project Management hours. PMI also requires all candidates to possess 35 classroom contact hours this course will provide those hours! Please review PMI eligibility requirements and application process information at

Will this course help prepare me for the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification?

    Yes. This PMP Preparation course will fully prepare you to sit for the PMP Examination. This course covers many topics in the PMBOK guide including exercises, practice exam questions, self assessment, test-taking techniques, mnemonics, and summaries.

Will I receive the PMBOK Guide in this course?

    Yes. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) is a book which presents a set of standard terminology and guidelines for project management. Each attendee will receive a copy of the PMBOK Guide (currently 5th Edition).

Will there be an exam at the end of the course?

    No. The PMP exam is scheduled and administered directly from PMI. If you would like to schedule your exam through PMI or learn more about the application process or eligibility requirements, please visit for more detailed information.

Will I receive a Certificate at the end of the course?

    You will receive a Completion Certification from Applied Technology Institute. These certificates are sent by USPS so please ensure that your mailing address and contact information are up to date with ATI at the time of registration.

Will I receive PDUs or CEUs for attending this course?

    Yes. You will receive 35 PDUs for attending this PMP Prep course, which is what MI requires every applicant to obtain prior to sitting for the exam. By attending this course, you will earn the necessary classroom contact hours, as well as a comprehensive review of PMBOK terminology, guidelines and sample questions.

Will I be required to maintain this certification?

    Yes. PMI requires that all PMI certification holders earn 60 classroom contact hours within 3 years of earning the initial certification. ATI Courses offers many Project Management classes that will assist with the required maintenance hours.

Please feel free to contact ATI directly with any questions regarding PMP Certification courses at 410-927-6005.