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Information Technology

ATI's Practical Software Configuration Management

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    Technical Training Short On Site Course Quote

      This course covers all of the essential concepts of Software Configuration Management including a brief history, explanation of the terms, and review of the various disciplines, paradigms, and models of product development. Other areas covered include a review of version and change control, discussion of manufacturing and product build issues, introduction to metrics and measurement, and a review of the ins and outs of adopting an SCM solution.


      There are no prerequisites for this course.

    Who Should Attend:

      This course is intended for anyone engaged in software, hardware, or document development as a team member who wants to avoid the common pitfalls of bad or non-existent SCM practices.

    Benefits of Attendance:

      Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

      • understand and use good SCM principles and practices to improve productivity and successfully operate in a team development environment.

      Course Outline:

        Chapter 1: Introduction to the Seminar

        1. Scope and Purpose
        2. Audience
        3. Topics
        4. Why SCM is Important to the Organization
        5. Brief History

        Chapter 2: Basic Concepts of SCM

        1. Definitions and General Overview
        2. The Heart of the Matter: People, Platform, and Process
        3. The Four Disciplines of Product Development
        4. Development Paradigms and Models
        5. The SCM "Triangle"
        6. Ancillary Components to SCM
        7. Configuration Items (Artifacts)

        Chapter 3: Version Control / Change Control

        1. Definitions and the Differences Between the Two
        2. VC and CC Tools to Accomplish the Task
        3. Managing with Tasks, not Files

        Chapter 4: Manufacturing

        1. Definition of "Product Manufacturing"
        2. Issues that Directly Impact the Ability to Manufacture Your Product
        3. Directory (Build Node) Design
        4. Manufacturing Tools

        Chapter 5: Product Build

        1. What does it Mean to "Build" Product
        2. General Strategies
        3. What to Build
        4. Build Tools

        Chapter 6: Metrics Collection

        1. Introduction to the "Devil's Playground"
        2. The classic Feedback Control Mechanism
        3. Good Metrics and Bad Metrics

        Chapter 7: Adopting an SCM Solution

        1. Opportunity vs. Responsibility
        2. Factors Impacting a Successful Transition to SCM
        3. SCM Adoption Phases
        4. Understanding the Costs and Savings
        5. Mitigating the Risk Factors


        Tuition is $1200 per person at one of our scheduled public courses. Onsite pricing is available. Government personnel qualify for reduced rates. Please call us at 410-956-8805 or send an email to

      Register Now Without Obligation