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Link 16 with Network Enabled Weapons

3-Day Course

$1990 per person


Link 16 Network Enabled Weapons (NEW) integrate enhanced Precision Guided Munitions into existing Link 16 networks. Positive weapons control (pre / post launch) enhances accuracy, supports target adjustments, retargeting, BDA, and weapon abort. Further, the weapon updates its location and status throughout its mission, increasing situation awareness. The Link 16 and Network Enabled Weapons course contains 21 instructional modules that provide an excellent foundation to Link 16 technology and operations. This is followed by an in-depth description of the operational capabilities, design, message structure, and implementation.

Network Enabled Weapons to Link 16 is the first major message upgrade since Link 16 imagery, and one of the greatest leaps forward in our ability to aggressively take the fight to the enemy since Link 16 was introduced.

The Link 16 Network Enabled Weapons course not only explains this new capability in great detail, it offers insight into where it may lead when coupled with Link 16 Enhanced Throughput, Concurrent Multi-Netting, and Concurrent Contention Receive.

The course contains hundreds of graphics and animations designed specifically to help the student visualize how the capability is delivered in the joint battlespace.

  1. Introduction to Link 16
  2. Link 16 Documentation
  3. System Characteristics
  4. Time Division Multiple Access
  5. Network Participation
  6. J-Series Messages
  7. Link 16 Terminal Waveform Generation
  8. Time Slot Components
  9. Link 16 Message Packing and Pulses
  10. Link 16 Networks / Nets
  11. Link 16 Network Access Modes
  12. Link 16 Terminal Synchronization
  13. Link 16 Network Time
  14. Link 16 Network Roles
  15. Link 16 Terminal Navigation
  16. Link 16 Network Relays
  17. Communications Security
  18. Link 16 Pulse Deconfliction
  19. Link 16 Terminal Restrictions
  20. Time Slot Duty Factor
  21. Link 16 Terminals
  22. Network Enable Weapon Introduction
  23. J11.0 Weapon Response / Status Message
  24. J11.1 Weapon Directive Message
  25. J11.2 Weapon Coordination Message
  26. NEW Information Exchange
  27. Message Implementation Requirements
  28. Receipt Compliance Processing
  29. Network Planning Considerations
  30. Network Design Considerations
  31. Operational Considerations
  32. Weapons Data Link Terminal
  33. Network Enabled Weapon Scenarios

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Patrick Pierson has more than 23 years of operational experience, and is internationally recognized as a Tactical Data Link subject matter expert. Patrick has designed more than 30 Tactical Data Link training courses and personally trains hundreds of students around the globe every year.

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